Cleaning a Couch: Solutions for Pet Odor

Having a furry friend is the best excuse to spend time on the couch. When your pet leaves an odor on the sofa, that’s not so wonderful. The unpleasant and embarrassing aromas caused by pets’ lingering smells can permeate fabrics and remain there for a long time. Is there a way to prevent your couch from smelling like a dog’s? You might be looking for ways how to get dog smell out of couch —and you’re in luck. We have a few useful tips and tricks for you to try at home.

How Should You Prevent Pet Odor?

To properly remove pet odor from any surface, never use ammonia. Since urine includes ammonia, cleaning it will only leave the area smelling like dog pee. The ammonia smell could make them think it’s an excellent spot to defecate or mark whatever clean surface.

In the same way, bleach is something you should avoid. It’s effective at killing germs, but it won’t get rid of the smell, and it’s terrible for your and your pet’s health if you breathe it in. Couches are best cleaned with soap, vinegar, baking soda, or an enzyme cleaner. Please read the labels of any additional cleaning supplies you intend to buy to ensure that they do not have any chemicals that could harm your pet.

The Quick and Easy Ways to Remove Pet Odor from Couch

Take Out Everything Possible

First, gather all the washable objects from your couch, such as cushions, blankets, and throws, and put them in the washing machine. Throw pillows with removable covers or those that you can wash in the machine are a good idea if you have dogs.

It’s not enough to clean the couch; you’ll want to wash any removable things, such as cushions and blankets, to prevent the dog smell from seeping back into the new fabric. If your sofa has removable covers, you can toss the cushion covers in the washing machine. You can soak covers in a solution of water and white vinegar to neutralize odor if they are very musty. You can use white vinegar instead of conventional detergent if you add a cup to the wash. Cleaning odors and filth with white vinegar is a breeze. It’s a great tool around the house because it’s cheap and practical in the kitchen.

Always Wash with Cold Water

Avoid using hot water when cleaning pet odors, whether you’re using water to spot-clean a stain or deciding which temperature to use in your washing machine, as the heat may further color or odors into the cloth. Fabrics that still smell strongly of pet odor after being washed should rewash before being dried. The fragrance will be even more firmly established here because of the heat.

Be Sure to Clean Up with a Vacuum

The musty odor on your couch could result from several factors, including pet hair, dead skin cells, dirt tracked in from the outdoors, and more. Eliminating unpleasant odors is as simple as using a vacuum to remove the offending debris. This is a lifesaver if your couch cushions don’t have removable coverings that you can throw in the washing machine. If you’re already vacuuming, you might as well get beneath the couch where all the hair and dander end up.

Get the Baking Soda

Baking soda, like white vinegar, is an indispensable kitchen ingredient. This miraculous product does a fantastic job of cleaning and is affordable. First, you should vacuum your couch to get rid of pet odors. The next step is to cover the area with baking soda and leave it overnight to absorb the smell. The following day, vacuum the sofa once more to remove any remaining dust.

Try an Enzyme Detergent

If you’ve exhausted all of your DIY options without success, consider using an enzyme cleanser that is safe for use around animals. When eradicating the stench and staining caused by pet pee, this solution is as effective as it is safe. In any case, you’ll have to locate one that is secure for use on sofas.

Get a Professional Upholstery Cleaner

There are both professional upholstery cleaners available for rent and handheld models that you can use at home. Use this on places like the couch’s base where you can’t run a washing machine to remove lingering odors. You must use it in conjunction with an appropriate cleaning agent, though. Water is a critical component of most upholstery cleaners, but if you spray it on a filthy sofa, it will end up smelling like a wet dog.

Use a Spray Fabric Refresher

It’s another option for eliminating the pet urine smell from the furniture. As effective as these sprays may be, they should not replace more thorough cleaning methods. Your couch can be given a short freshen with a rush if the pet stench isn’t too foul, just in time for your guests’ arrival. Ensure the fabric or air spray you buy eliminates odors rather than just masking them. You should avoid covering up the dog odor with a pleasant fragrance.

Keeping Your Couch Pet-Smell-Free

Any dog will inevitably have a trace of pet odor. However, if the couch continues to stink, the dog can be a bit on the obnoxious side. In such a case, ensure you’re giving your frequent dog baths with a mild cleanser (but not too frequently, since this can dry up his skin). There is a dry pet shampoo you can use if he isn’t too filthy.

Furthermore, frequent brushing can do wonders in terms of odor control. In this method, you can prevent odorous hairs and dead skin cells from settling into your sofa. And it’s something that canine companions tend to welcome.

It’s a good idea to start wiping your dog’s paws every time he comes in from the outside to prevent him from tracking mud and dirt onto your furniture. Slipcovers, which are both breathable and easy to remove and clean, are another option for preventing the spread of unpleasant scents.