College Basketball Season of 2023: Top 5 Gem-Teams to Keep an Eye on

Whether you are playing basketball yourself and choosing a college that would let you advance your athletic career further or are just a sports enthusiast who enjoys watching varsity-level games, you must be excited for the upcoming 2023 season. And you must also be looking for new teams to watch during the next season.

There is no secret that basketball is thriving in colleges. Nearly every school has a basketball team and, often, more than one. However, clearly, not all college basketball teams are the same. So sit back and let an expert paper writer from a reliable write my lab report for me service for college students (and a basketball enthusiast) tell you about the top five top-performing teams to follow in 2023!

Gonzaga Bulldogs

The first team on our list, the Bulldogs, represents Gonzaga University in the first division of the NCAA. The team has been numerously listed as one of the best in college basketball history. According to records, Gonzaga Bulldogs can boast of as many as 15 athletes recognized as WCC Players of the Year. Throughout their history, the Bulldogs reached the NCAA quarterfinals four times and finals one time. They also hold dozens of titles as conference tournament champions and regular season champions. Now, the team is ready to enter the 2023 season with new talents and ambitions, so their games are definitely worth watching.

North Carolina Tar Heels

The next champ to follow in 2023 is the team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC Tar Heels also have a long history of wins. They are known for holding 13 Southern Conference Championship titles, 48 ACC championships, and 6 NCAA National Championships. Also, the Tar Heels have 8 National Players of the Year and numerous Best Final Ranking titles. In the 2022-23 season, the team has replaced Brady Manek with a Northwestern transfer Pete Nance, which (according to experts) gives UNC the best starting lineup. So this team also deserves your attention next year.

Houston Cougars

The Cougars that represent the University of Houston are also known as the Coogs, UH, and just Houston. This team is known as one of the best ones in the American Athletic Conference. It boasts a variety of tournament and championship titles. However, the most notable thing about this team is that Kelvin Sampson coaches it. According to specialists, Kelvin Sampson is one of the most known star coaches in college-level basketball. Throughout his career, he had three consecutive 22-win seasons, claimed numerous Frontier Conference championships, and gained many other notable awards. So it’s a no-brainer that a team led by such a coaching superstar will show great performance in 2023.

Kentucky Wildcats

The team that represents the University of Kentucky is the next champ worth watching during the 2023 season. The Wildcats are known as some of the most notable NCAA record-setters. According to reports, this team holds records for a 76.2% win percentage, most NCAA tournament appearances (55), and also most tournament wins (121). On top of that, the Wildcats are second in terms of championship wins, following right after the UCLA Bruins. Another interesting thing to know about this team is that it’s the first to bring back their National Player of the Year after North Carolina brought back Tyler Hansbrough in 2009. In fact, this return has brought UNC a national title, so we are looking forward to seeing if the Wildcats can do the same in 2023.

UCLA Bruins

As mentioned a moment earlier, the only team that outdone the Wildcats by the most championship wins is the UCLA Bruins. So the next team we suggest you keep an eye on next year is UCLA. The team’s history began in 1920. Since that time, the Bruins have won 11 NCAA championship titles, 4 conference tournament champion titles, and 37 regular season champion titles. The history of this team is truly great. Before the next season, the team had to part with one of its stars – Johnny Juzang. However, it got back Tyger Campbell and Jaime Jaquez Jr., along with a very notable first-year, Adem Bona, which all give the team pretty good chances for a brilliant game in 2023. So be sure to watch them.

The Bottom Line

Now that the start of the 2023 college basketball season is just around the corner, millions of fans are looking forward to watching and cheering for their favorite teams. The number of participants for 2023 is 363, compared to 358 in 2022, which makes it rather hard to see who to follow next year. But if you couldn’t make up your mind, this should change after reading this article.

Now you know about some of the strongest and most promising players for 2023. Be sure to keep an eye on all these college teams to enjoy a truly thrilling game!