Comparing Nike vs. Under Armour – Which is best?

In the sportswear industry, there are a number of brands claiming to be the best brand, but there are two sportswear brands which are the best sellers because of the quality and durability of their products. And those are “Nike” and “Under Armour.” Additionally, both Nike and Under Armour offer custom apparel brands with which one can pair his/her logo.

Both brands have a large number of customers worldwide, and being the best sportswear companies, both have their own specifications and standards of quality. Now, the question arises, which one of these is the better one and worth spending money on? Here is everything you need to know.


Currently, Nike is the world’s most famous and leading sportswear manufacturing company; it is most famous for the simple logo, which is recognized worldwide. A variety of high-quality sportswear, including the accessories for fitness training, running outdoor and indoor sports, are manufactured and designed by Nike.

Under Armour

Just like Nike, Under Armour is also quite a famous name in the sportswear industry. Under Armour also designs and manufactures sports and athletic wear. Itmight be a new name in this industry, but it has gotten very famous in a short time. The famous products manufactured by Under Armour include T-shirts, athletic shoes, leggings, shorts, hoodies, jackets, and other accessories, which include bags, caps, and gloves, etc.

These two brands have so much in common that a buyer might get confused while choosing the best one among them. To make the process of choosing easier, here is a comparison of some most sold products of both brands.

Where to Buy
Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer
Under Armour Men's Speedform Intake 2 Running Shoe
Under Armour Men's Tech Golf Polo
Under Armour Boys' Pronto Puffer Jacket


1. Nike vs. Under Armour Shoes

Some people might say that there is no need to compare the quality of two brands just for a pair of shoes, but the truth is that shoes are not only shoes but a home for one’s feet and must be chosen with care.

Nike vs. Under Armour Shoes

Nike’s shoe line includes many products, including its most popular streetwear line, sports shoes, and children’s shoes. Nike is one of the very few brands which manufactured the most famous shoes in the world. Nike’s most famous shoes include Air Force 1, Air Jordan 1, Nike Blazer, and the Air Max 1. The reputation this popular brand enjoys today is not accessible without hard work and quality. The brand made its name over the years by manufacturing different high-quality shoes. The material for the company’s shoes is chosen very carefully, and every shoe line is tested for an extended time before it is released to the public.

under Armour

On the other hand, under Armour is a new brand and hasn’t yet released much variety when it comes to shoes. But the reason behind being so popular in such a short period of just ten years is Under Armour’s”Compression technology”. Moreover, the brand is well known for its shoe model name “speedform” these shoes are incredibly light in weight with very little stitching. Because of its lightweight, the wearer of the shoes does not feel like he/she is wearing shoes, and it feels like an extension of his/her own body.

The company has always guaranteed the quality of its shoes and has a promise made to its buyers that any product that bears the logo of Under Armour is 100% trustworthy and will provide quality performance.

Now, the question arises if both the brands have such amazing collections of shoes, which one should a buyer chose? And the answer to this is that either you buy Nike or Under Armour, neither will disappoint you. It might seem like a cop-out, but this is a fact that both the companies manufacture high-quality shoes, and neither can say the best or not the best.

2. Nike vs. Under Armour Performance Polo Shirts

The next product in this comparison is the Performance Polo Shirts of both the brands. These shirts are also named Golf shirts.

Nike vs. Under Armour Performance Polo ShirtsThe Nike Polo shirts are manufactured under the Dri-FIT technology that keeps the wearer comfortable and cool throughout the day. This technology uses polyester fiber or microfiber to absorb the moisture from the wearer’s body and shift it to the shirt’s outer surface,making the moisture evaporate faster. The minimum of 30 SPF provided by these shirts also protects the wearer from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Nike’s Performance Polo shirts include Nike Pro Dri-Fit, Nike Miler Dri-Fit, Nike Legend Dri-Fit, Nike Knit Dri-Fit, and Nike Tailwind Dri-Fit.

Polo ShirtsOn the other hand, Under Armour’s Performance,Polo shirts are made with soft anti-pill and anti-pick fabric, the technology that Under Armour uses is called HeatGear technology. This technology, just like Nike’s Dri-FIT technology, wicks away moisture from the wearer’s body and keeps him/her cool and dry along with this, the HeatGear technology also regulates the body temperature of the wearer. Under Armour’s Polo Shirts include, Under Armour Tech, Under Armour Catalyst, Charged Cotton, and HeatGear Flyweight.

Both the brands manufacture high-quality Polo shirts, and a range of colors in these shirts is available for both women and men but, in such a big range of fabric and this clothing Nike has proved that any product with the Nike logo is worth buying, also Nike provides a wider range of colors in Polo shirts for women and men. Both the brands have their own specialties, and sometimes beyond a comparison, both should be given a try.

3. Nike vs. Under Armour Outerwear

The last category in this comparison between Nike and Under Armour is the outerwear manufactured by both brands. Both brands manufacture high-quality outerwear for their customers.

Nike vs. Under Armour OuterwearNike offers hoodies, sportswear, jackets, and fleeces made with Therma-FIT polyester fabric; this fabric keeps the wearer warm and insulated. These fleeces being light in weight, do not burden the wearer and make him/her feel light even in the cold weather. The fabric manufactured under the Therma-FIT technology is made of microfiber double-brushed fleece, and it efficiently resists the loss of heat and retains energy. The Nike Fleece jackets are available in a few colors.

Under Armour's jackets

Under Armour’s jackets include softshell, rain jackets, 100% polyester, etc. The jackets Under Armour manufactures are made from nylon fabric or waterproof polyester. These jackets are manufactured under UA Storm or ColdGear technology. Moreover, these jackets being light in weight allow the wearer to feel light in the cold and enjoy the outdoor activities. There is a large variety of jackets that Under Armour is offering to choose from. With the perfect insulation properties, Under Armour jackets stand out for their quality.

The fact that Nike has a small range for outerwear makes it a second choice. Nike fleeces are only available in a few basic and classic colors, while Under Armour provides a wide range in its outerwear line, allowing the buyers to choose from many designs and styles.

So, Which One is the Best?

Both Nike and Under Armour are undoubtedly the leading athletic wear companies that have grown rapidly over the last couple of years. But if we talk about the best sales, quality, demand, and popularity, Nike is the clear winner. With an innovative product line-up along with the most effective digital strategy, Nike is the better choice among the two popular brands.