Conspiracy of a Site Promoted with Money Payment

When private Toto sites were first created, commodity means free money, and it certainly started with pure intentions.Because private Toto꽁머니had to be widely known, it was paid so that you could bet by paying a commodity.

If you play the game with the money paid in this way, and deposit more than this money, it is good that members can play through the money, and the Toto site is good for attracting new members, and through this, many people visit the Toto site. It was a good win-win structure because it generated profits while using it. The number of users who abused the commodity started with such a good purpose increased, and there was a chance that they went to various Toto sites and played only with the commodity.

On Top of Running Users, I’m a Food Site

For the above reasons, the Toto site has a problem with its financial resources and there are sites that close their business in a difficult situation.

At that time, Private Toto became popular, and it was so successful that more than 30% of Korean men use the Toto site.

In the meantime, many private Toto sites increased rapidly, and new sites responded to the tyranny of users who used money.

As this vicious cycle continues, most of the companies that are currently listed as recommended sites saying that they pay a lot of money are Muktu sites. It started off well, but now it has been deteriorated and is being abused. As a result, the damage is increasing.

Cases of Damage Caused by Payment of Free Money

Even if you enter Instagram, there are tens of thousands of posts due to paying money, and the number of victims is increasing from the paying site that advertises indiscriminately and flashyly. The reviews are also written to promote by the MookTu sites, saying that the Toto Community is paid for and enjoys having fun.

Most of the free money is paid to attract new members. In this case, we are paying concessions to new members, but when betting with this amount and winning, each site avoids due to ambiguous rules and currency exchange is often impossible.

This is called withholding the application for currency exchange. In the process of withholding, there are cases where you may be asked to deposit more than half of the amount you hold, and some may ask for a certain amount for opening a virtual account. Users think about the winning money and make a deposit. In the end, you get eaten.

Please keep in mind that there is absolutely no free in the world.Even if someone wants to use me, they never do me a favor without reason.

So, what you need is a site that verifies food like Toriters. The ultimate reason for eating and drinking is capital power. Most of the startup sites start with little money, so they don’t have the capital. Their capital power has not been verified because they produce the Toto site with less than 5 million won. So, Toriters puts on sunglasses to look at companies that are trying to attract new members by promoting paid money.

Toriters is undergoing a verification procedure to find a safe place among recommended sites. Then, only selected safety playgrounds are guided to members.

ToritersVerification Method

Make sure fast charging and currency exchange are working well. This is the process of verifying their capital power. If the capital is not strong, there is no guarantee that there will be no problems in the future.Make sure that the rules aren’t complex and that anyone can understand.

If it’s a rule that you don’t understand by reading, or if it contains something vague double meaning, it should be filtered out. This is because it becomes an element that can make excuses in the future.

Use a secure server and make sure that your personal information is secure. It has to do with capital power as well. This is because if there is no capital power, it is impossible to use a secure server, and if you use the site that was created in this way, you can damage the game later, and secondly, you can sell the personal information of the player himself and take advantage.

In these days, personal information is becoming money, and this can lead to another damage. I won’t sell information where it’s legal.

The Toto site should be a place where customers can conveniently use it at any time by operating a customer center. Totosite created without this preparation can certainly be a problem.

Toriters will take the lead in creating a safe Toto culture using this food verification procedure, and we will look at the user objectively without coveting the profits in front of them. And just as there is no saying that it is a 100% safe place in the world, even the sites we select can cause problems due to internal reasons or external circumstances.

I can’t guarantee everything. So, in case you don’t know, I will get a deposit. After that, we will make sure that users are not harmed even for a dime.

Instead, we hope that our members will be aware of our efforts and make an effort to create a world where losses are possible only by betting. Please pay attention to the brightly advertised postings such as paying free money and recommending free money.

Then we, Toriters, will do our best to verify a healthy Toto site with full operation 24 hours a day. Stay tuned for your promises.