Cosplay Dating: 5 Tips to Be Successful

If you’re new to cosplay dating and looking for pointers to allow you to make the most of your experience, here’s our first tip. Don’t overthink this activity. The thought of donning some superhero costume or dressing like a Dothraki warrior from Game of Thrones might leave you cold. Many feel this might be a step too far out of their comfort zones. But the clue is in the title. Cosplay is all about costumes and play. Nobody else who is into this scene is going to judge you. So focus on having fun – and romance. Here are five further cosplay dating tips.

Find compatible individuals

Aside from comic conventions, by far the best place to track down potential candidates for romance is to hop onto a cosplay dating site and start flirting with the other singles. These outlets represent a secure environment where nobody is ever judged for their outlandish dress sense. The algorithms built into this service will give you every chance of finding a match who shares your interest in cosplay, allowing you to whittle down prospective partners.

Ensure your profile is worthy

If you want to attract a cross-section of delectable singles who adore cosplay, make sure your details are short and snappy. No one browsing through cosplay profiles expects to come across some lengthy CV-like spiel. For your profile photo, pose in your finest attire, without any background distractions.

Keep an open mind

You will come across all sorts of cosplay fans with varying degrees of fanaticism. Whether someone’s garish costume is to your taste or not, always go with the flow. The core aspects of cosplay are light-hearted entertainment and joyous escapism.

Think of icebreakers

It can sometimes be difficult to come up with that key line that will get a conversation off to a flying start. After all, a moment’s hesitancy or introducing a dull topic can derail your attempts at courtship before they’ve even begun. A lot of establishing the right sense of chemistry at a cosplay event may be down to spontaneity. But it would also not harm to pre-plan what you’re going to say. No matter the customs involved, mentioning some background do the attire is always useful. If the person you’re chatting to is wearing a sporty outfit, complement their choice. Show some general knowledge about the sport, such as basketball trivia or the most durable sneakers when employed as part of a costume. A key point is never to use closed questions during this dialogue. Aim to keep the discourse flowing.

Keep abreast of the cosplay calendar

Those who are really into cosplay will be serious about timetabling events. To create the best opportunities for interacting with other singles who love dressing up, use your favorite search engine to unearth forthcoming fan conventions. There are so many characters from anime, movies, TV shows, and video games that can be celebrated by their fans, you’ll soon be able to create a busy calendar. Highlight these in your itinerary, then make sure you keep those dates free for mingling with the hot cosplay singles who are going to be showing up in droves.

By following these tips, you should have no problem touching base with a succession of cool cosplay singles. You have a distinct advantage over generic dating, where individuals often have no way of appreciating the interests another site user might have. The object of your desire has signed up for cosplay matchmaking because they relish this wonderfully diverse hobby. You already have a captive audience! All you have to do is celebrate your shared passion.