Crash Review – a Top-Notch Bitcoin Game

Looking for a popular and lucrative crypto gambling game? You are not alone since the blockchain, playing on legit cryptocurrency casinos, is on everyone’s lips today. As of now, there are lots of casinos that accept Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals. The same concerns BTC gambling game catalogs where you can find the HTML5 slots for Bitcoin playing only. One of such sought-after products is Crash, an innovative Bitcoin game worth your attention. Read more to learn about this game below.

Why Choose Crash with Tower.Bet?

The Crash is a game fully mimicking the stock market crypto price changes. You will see a line rising up, like in graphs. Your main target is to place a bet and predict when the price/line will collapse. Accordingly, if you predict right, you can win big. If your prediction fails, you lose your bet. That’s the only rule.

Let’s share with you an example of one round. Imagine, you decide to pay out at a 5x multiplier after placing a bet of 0.01 Bitcoin. As a reward, if your prediction is right for the collapse, you will earn 0.05 BTC. Logically to assume, your wins can be super big if you choose hi-rolling bets. For instance, the multiplier can bring you as high as 500x of the initial stake. Yet, since it is crypto gambling which does not differ much from other casino experiences, you should always stick first to minimum bets to not lose all your cash.

Besides, today, you can find BTC gambling in demo versions. It means that you find a reliable casino that carries the legit in the market, register (optional), and find Crash for fun gameplay. Such practices help players save their money but familiarize themselves with the game flows. You understand how the line rises, how multipliers work, and where the collapse happens on most occasions. After that, when you are sure about your readiness toward real Bitcoin gambling, you can top up your account, and trigger huge earnings.

How to Play Crash Crypto Casino Game?

As was hinted above, the key step is to find a BTC casino with Crash in its portfolio of games. It can be Tower.Bet, a legitimate gambling provider that is not linked to any rigging. After that, just follow the next steps:

  1. Overlook the layout of the game. Understand the location of key buttons for betting;
  2. Understand the preferred currency you can pick for playing the game. By the way, it is not limited only to Bitcoin but also Ethereum, Eos and USDT, Litecoin;
  3. Deposit the entry-level sum of money for the gameplay. Ensure you always play within your available budget or you can experience huge losses;
  4. When ready with money credited to your casino account, find the Crash game, and click the JOIN GAME button;
  5. Set a base bet. In simple terms, it is the entry-level betting amount;
  6. Build your strategy for the round. It can be an early or later strategy when you predict the line crash. It is highly important because it will dictate how your bet size will grow with the line as well;
  7. If needed, you can limit your maximum size bet to abstain from huge losses;
  8. Once bets are set, click RUN, and your game starts.

The Winning Strategies

With the BTC casino games or ordinary slots, there is no 100% working strategy to get wins only all the time. You will anyway come across both earnings and losses. Yet, since this game became hugely popular, some dedicated gamblers and Bitcoin experts share tutorials and tips on triggering some kind of jackpots. Read the following advice:

  • With any Bitcoin casino where you play this game, you should stick to a 1.5x auto-cashout number. If you are not afraid of risk, you can also set up the multiplier up to 5x. It, in turn, means that you can win fewer bets but big;
  • Learn about the Martingale betting system. If you lose one round, during the next round you should increase your bet by a certain percentage. Once you trigger a win, the bet will decrease back to the starting point. How can I profit like this? Look, even if you come across several losses, your eventual win will recover all the previous losses;
  • Learn also about the anti-martingale strategy. After every single win, a player should increase the bet size by a certain percentage, and after each loss, decrease the bet size by a certain percentage. It will allow you to make money on winning bets, and minimize losses on losing rounds.

Then, a universal rule to win with the fair crypto casino is to always play for fun. You may say that gambling is a go-choice for earning money. However, such beliefs lead to huge losses. Crash is a game linked to risks and adrenaline. If you believe you cannot stop placing your bets in order to trigger a 500x multiplier, you should immediately abstain from playing for a while. Besides, never neglect reading fair btc casino rules for Crash game. Or, test crash game alone.


Finally, prior to your start with Crash, do familiarize yourself with the most bothersome questions from players.

  • Can you download Crash to play from your smartphones or tablets?

This is a non-downloadable game. You can find Crash with one or another fair Bitcoin casino, and download their own mobile application. The game layout will simply adjust per your screen size.

  • Where to play Crash the best?

It is fully up to you which casino website to pick. Yet, is a reliable fair crypto casino with fast payments deprived of any rigging.

  • Is it better to predict the early line/multiplier collapse or late one?

This is the thing with this Bitcoin game. You can both win and lose with both strategies. Try to overlook tutorials or read players’ feedback on their lucky moments when they could win big.

All in all, you will never understand the game’s relevance without testing it alone. Find a fair BTC casino with fast payments, and wish yourself the best of luck with your predictions.