D Rose 773 IV REVIEW: Performance on a Budget

I actually own a pair of D Rose 773 III’s and I was pretty excited when finding out if the fourth shoe is good. But yeah, welcome to my D Rose 773 IV review! 😀

I’ll cover the shoe’s tech, on-court performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth the price. Let’s begin the D Rose 773 IV review!


BOUNCE – The shoe’s cushioning system, which is apparently used more and more. And for the better, this is a great budget cushion setup.

NON-MARKING Outsole – Do I really have to tell you what this does?

Definitely not a premium, tech-heavy shoe, but for that price, it just about makes sense.

If you still have no idea what all those tech names mean, go HERE.



For a straight-up basic shoe like this, it definitely feels nice, even though it’s nothing awesome or super pleasant. The fit is snug and feels properly with no slippage, lockdown or stability issues.

There’s some padding inside, which is a welcome addition. You could probably play long matches in these since they’re reasonably breathable and the cushion is nice and bouncy.


Like I said, BOUNCE is a fantastic budget cushion setup and it feels just like that here. Not as awesome as on the D Lillard 2.0, but still pretty bouncy, good impact protection and it’s decently balanced between court feel and softness.

Quick, low-profile guards wouldn’t really like these, but those who want some boune and softness in their shoes, this is a good entry model.


Once again, no complaints, it grips the floor well. You will need to wipe quite often because of the dense pattern. I didn’t slip or slide and they cope with dusty courts pretty well.

The rubber compound seems pretty weak, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend this for an outdoor player. It would grip well, but it would barely last.


This is the shoe’s strongest aspect in my opinion. The fit is nicely tight and proper, there’s an internal heel counter and cushion is stable. In result, they are supportive, not too restrictive and safe to do pretty much anything on the court.

For those who like mid tops, this is a top-notch example of how the shoe should feel in terms of support.


The upper is mostly synthetic leaher and mesh on the sides and the tongue. A pretty basic setup that’s seen on some other adidas’s budget shoes.

Nothing to complain – they’re pretty durable, comfortable and somewhat breathable. If the traction pattern would’ve been more durable, they would have been a pretty good outdoor model.


The shoe doesn’t offer anything new, special or revolutionary. It’s an affordable D Rose model that I think a lot of people would find enjoyable to play in.

They’re comfortable and fit true to size, cushioning is very solid, traction is fine indoors, support is great and while there’s nothing awesome about the materials, there’s nothing wrong either.

I would actually recommend these to a versatile guard/small forward looking for a solid mid top for cheap. HOWEVER, there’s a shoe that beats this one in most aspects and costs LESS.


+ Solid and well balanced cushioning
+ Good indoor traction
+ Great support without too much restrictions


 Traction won’t last outdoors
 The upper will need some break-in time



It’s the one and only adidas D Lillard 2.0. You just can’t go wrong with their all-around performance.

The D Lillard 2 has BOUNCE cushion, StableFrame, TORSION SYSTEM and a NON-MARKING outsole. All that for $105. Crazy.

Head to the review and find out if it’s for you.

Alright, that’s a wrap for this review! I hope found it helpful and I hope I helped you make up your mind.