Fashion Tips for Riding a Horse

Dressing for horseback riding needs not be expensive nor difficult to find. However, just like other sports, you must dress for the task. Inadequate clothing can literally make you jump off the horse. Imagine the bruise and scars you’ll get if you wear shorts while your raw skin chafes against the leather. Automatically, it would end your otherwise fun trip. To avoid such pain, we will talk about the fashion tips for horse riders before taking a swing at the saddle. 


First off, every horse rider must have a helmet that is accredited by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). Helmets with this certification mean that the item is tested, inspected, and specifically constructed for horse sports. 

There are varieties of helmet styles to choose from, whether you want a sporty or a plain style. The key is to look for a helmet that is comfortable yet attractive and suitable for the type of sports you are doing. This is because the helmets that are designed for other sports, like skiing or cycling, may not provide enough protection for a fall from a horse. 

Vests, Jackets, and Shirts

If you are planning to ride a horse, another thing to consider is if you are wearing a suitable shirt or tops. If one is to go out on a trail, you should consider a bright-colored top for visibility. Also, several riders like to wear a vest when riding a horse during colder weather. However, in wearing a vest, your shoulders and arms must not be restricted. 

Aside from vests, there are winter coats that are designed for horse riders. Such clothing is specially designed for those who are living in a place with frigid temperature. These clothes must be roomy through the shoulders and have gussets, so they are spread over the saddle rather than tucked under the seat. Moreover, some of these coats have attractive reflective tapes or patches that are greatly visible when the rider is out on the trail. You can also add winter gloves to make your winter riding more comfortable and warmer. 

On the other hand, if you are to show your horse, you will need appropriate garments. To know more, you must head out to some horse show to observe what others are wearing. Most often, one will need a specific type of clothing that can be custom made, home-sewn, or purchased off of the rack. Clothing in horse shows matter since wearing the right clothes could get the best impression on the judges. 


Pants are as crucial as your tops if you are planning your next horse riding. One important thing to remember in choosing pants is they must be comfortable and stretchy. These riding tights can come with leather knee or seat patches. Also, it can provide more grip in comparison to tights that are not made for horseback riding. Additionally, for the winter season, some tights are made of fleece material to provide warmth. Furthermore, if you are to ride a horse, you should avoid pants that wrinkle or twist inside your legs and knees. Baggy pants and other loose clothing can get caught on the saddle if you fall off. You can also wear fashionable slacks and cowboy boots as an alternative to fitted pants so you will look great


Next to your horse riding helmet is your boots. Much like your helmet, you should also choose to purchase boots that are affordable, comfortable, and suitable for the sports you are about to do. Although there are no boots that have a certification from SEI/ ASTM, you will want to find a pair of boots that has low tread and has a heel of about 1 inch. The low tread is required because the tread on several winter or hiking boots tends to be too heavy and may jam in the stirrup.  


In riding a horse, one should also consider the undergarments such as the sports bra and underwear that are designed for horse riding. There are several shops that specialize in providing gears that are comfortable and suitable for various sports, including horse riding.