Follow the Odds in Football Betting

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. The sport attracts fans and players from different races, continents, backgrounds, genders and age. As expected, football is one of the sports that attracts gamblers all over the world. Sports betting has become more popular in the past year because of the pandemic that is currently shaking the world. However, gambling is something that has been there for the longest time. Here, we give you tips on how to bet on football games. We also show you how to analyse the odds provided by betting sites such as to your advantage.

Analysing the Odds

As you may have noticed, football is a game of odds and probabilities. In fact, you can look at a team’s odds and tell if it is likely to win, draw or lose. Every betting site usually has odds assigned to every team that has a game in the near future. Even though the odds vary slightly from one betting site to another, they always are in favour of a certain team.

The betting sites have experts that analyse these games and come up with odds that make sense. With the growth of technology, there is a software that can help on this front as well. As a gambler, carefully analysing the football odds can give you huge winnings.

Consider the Stats

Apart from the odds, always consider the statistics of the teams coming against each other. For instance, the odds might favour the home team in a certain match. However, looking at the stats and the head-to-head comparisons, you might notice that the away team is the home team’s boogie team. By looking at the stats and the head-to-head records, you can come up with a better conclusion and make better winnings.

The Players

Who is playing? Who is not? If you know your football well, always consider the key players’ availability. Both the stats and odds might favour a certain team. However, when you look at the available players, you might notice that some of its key players have been injured, suspended or rested. In this case, betting against the odds and the stats can be your winning formula.

The Playground is a Factor

Where is the game being played? Is it a home ground, away ground or neutral ground? Even though fans have been suspended from going to football stadiums in most parts of the world, where the game is being played is still a factor to consider. For instance, if team A is at home, it means team B must travel a longer distance to make the game. As a result, the home time will have more time to prepare and ample rest before the game. Additionally, some teams have better records when playing on their home grounds as compared to their away records.


Gambling and football betting is very popular right now. Every gambler wants to win. There is no better way to do that than analysing the odds. The odds speak volumes about a specific football game. You can also consider factors such as the stats, the players’ availability and the playground to increase your probability of winning.