Fun Activities for Children During Game Day Parties

Children deserve all the fun in this world. Whether it’s a birthday party, school break, game day, or family get-together, you should be ready to throw fun activities for the children around. 

The games do not have to be costly. But make sure that the kids can play the games both outdoors and indoors. They can play either in the living room, basement, garage, or park.


Children’s party game styles come and go, but traditional party games remain exciting for children. The instructions or mechanics should not be too complicated for the children to understand. You can also come up with modifications or radical self improvement according to the situation or the moment’s demand.  

Remember, the games should be affordable and quick to organize. The game ideas should require minimal setup and be free from physical harm, potential risk, and injury. In general, throwing game parties for the children must be both entertaining and safe for everyone.

Some fun-filled ideas for game day parties

Sack Race

This classic game never fails to bring fun to the kids around during the party. You can start the game by giving a potato sack to each of the little kids. Let them line up. Blow the whistle and enjoy the moment as you watch how the little kids hop and race towards the finish line. 

If there are no available potato sacks around, you can try laundry bags or used pillowcases.

Dancing with the Stars

Group or pair the children into teams. Let them pick their music and come up with their dance steps. During the showtime, let them present in front of a panel of judges who use number cards for the scoring. The winning duo or group will teach the other groups or participants how they do their winning choreography.

Treasure Hunt

Write some clues on paper and hide them around the house or the yard to guide the kids to the buried treasure somewhere. Make sure that the clues are suitable enough for the age of the children.

Also, fill the treasure chest with many goodies like gold coins and keychains, candy bars, cookies, temporary tattoos, stickers, and other fancy kiddie stuff. To cap the game, you can also have a treasure chest-designed birthday cake for everyone to eat!

Find your partner

Find a partner is a perfect opening game to help the little children overcome their shyness or nervousness during the party. This game is also another way for the children to start talking to each other.

You can start the game by writing the names of famous partners in cartoon shows (like Tom and Jerry, Mickey and Minnie, etc.) on individual stickers. Give the paper to the children and tell them to find the pair or the other half of their name. The one who finds the partner fastest is the winner of the game. 

You can also stick the characters’ names to the kids’ back and let them describe the characters to find the pair.

Egg and spoon race

The egg and spoon race is easy to do yet guaranteed to bring lots of fun to kids and parents. 

To do this, get a big spoon and place an egg on it (use hard-boiled eggs to avoid the mess). 

The children will then start the race by holding the spoon towards the finish line. The one who reaches the finish line without dropping the egg is the winner. 

Another way of doing it is by placing the spoon in the kids’ mouths as they race towards the finish line without dropping the eggs on it. The children can also decorate the eggs before placing them on the spoon for the race.

Toilet Paper Fashion Show

You can try a toiler paper fashion show for the little kids to show off their skills in fashion designing. Let them design a dress using only a roll of toilet paper. As models, the contestants will then show their super paper toilet designed-dress down the runway!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This game will surely make the little kids chuckle. Blindfold the kids and see who can pin the tail on the correct spot of the donkey on a big photo or a stuffed toy. To make it more fun, you can spin the little kids a few times before they start aiming for the correct spot. 


This Mexican game will make your children yearn for more. You can do this by buying a ready-made piñata, or you can make your own. Fill it with lots of candies and chocolates. 

Hang the piñata and blindfold the kids one by one. Let the kids take turns in hitting it with a stick. When the piñata breaks, it will shower the children with lots of sweet goodies.

Make sure that the sweet treats are not big sizes to avoid pain once these hit the heads.

Musical bumps

This game is simple and can be done in the living room using some mattresses. 

Play a piece of music, and once it stops, the children must fall to the floor and make a curl-up position. The last kid who makes it to the floor is out in the game.

What’s in the Bag?

Use a non-transparent bag. Fill it with sweet goodies, toys, and other kids’ stuff. Let each child reach into the bag and choose an object without looking at it inside. Let them feel and guess the thing that they got inside the bag. If they guess it correctly when they pull it out, they can keep the stuff.