Headphones That NBA Players Use Most

From alleviating stress, improving mood, managing pain, stimulating memories, or providing sheer entertainment, music helps us in a variety of ways. For athletes, music aids in enhancing performance, delaying fatigue, and increasing work capacity. Moreover, it also helps them get in the zone and the proper mindset prior to their big game. As such, it’s little wonder that many NBA players don their trusted pair of headphones off the court.

If you want to know which models NBA players use most, you’re on the right track. Read on below as well discover their favorite headphones, and help you find one and reap the same benefits of music as with your most-admired pro-players.

Beats Studio3

Focused on creating headphones for basketball players since the beginning, it’s no surprise that Beats has some of the best headphones in the market today. One of their best and most popular models is Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones, which is worn by no other than King James himself. It’s not a mere endorsement agreement, as Beats Studio3 actually boasts superior performance, and sound quality, making it perfect for basketball practice or a warm-up session.

What’s even great is that most headphones from Beats come at cheaper prices without compromising in quality. What they do is bring reliable bass-rich sound features and combine it with stylish options, and sturdy construction and offer them at mid-price price tags. As such, they conquer the middle price class and remain a solid choice despite the strict competition.


Used by Kemba Walker, Zach Levine, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Stephen Curry among many others, the JBL LIVE 650BTNC is indeed a hit in the NBA. One of its main draws is its cool looks. While it’s more plasticky with little metal in terms of construction, it appears stylish, especially due to the durable, fitting fabric headband and well-placed small details.

Sound quality is superb as well, with its distinct shape providing vibrant highs and dynamic low-ends. Adding the active noise cancelation feature, any wearer can easily zone out from their surroundings and relish the music they’re playing.

It doesn’t end there as JBL LIVE 650BTNC also promises excellent comfort with its super comfy ear cushions and lightweight design. Battery life is up to 30 hours, enough to cover multiple warm-ups and training periods. Other features include an app for customizing sound, Ambient Aware, and access to Alexa and Google Assistant – it’s pretty worth it for tis price.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Worn by Dallas Mavericks star Dončić, the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 is a top-tier wireless headphone that would surely bring delight to many other basketball players. It has a modern, sleek minimalist look, exuding sophistication.

Ear cushions are manufactured from soft protein leather, which makes them comfy even for long listening sessions. Plus, its headband with the plush silicone-covered foam is specifically designed to comfortably fit the head.

Sound quality won’t disappoint as big audio comes in such as a small device and remains consistent whatever volume. Adding other modern features like ambient mode, active noise cancellation, touch controls, and decent battery life, the wearer of these headphones is simply in for a different fun experience.

PowerBeats Pro

Anthony Davis, James Harden, and Jayson Tatum are among the famous NBA players that wear the PowerBeats Pro on and off the court. One of its main advantages is that they’re totally wireless. Thanks to the secure-fit ear hooks, they stay snugly in place and allow basketball players to move freely while wearing them.

Its reinforced design makes the headphones sweat- and water-resistant. That’s why they’re also the trusty pal for training, warm-ups, and casual playing. Other features include the 24-hours playtime, independent earbud connection, and extreme portability, these headphones are indeed built to move with you.

Master & Dynamic MW65

While it’s fairly new in the headphone scene, the Master & Dynamic brand has earned the trust of Kevin Durant. Among its product is the MW65 model, which is built using all premium materials. Its sturdy frame is manufactured from anodized aluminum, while plush earpads are made of soft lambskin and feel incredibly great on the skin. Meanwhile, the headband is made of stylish stitched leather. All in all, it features a stunning look that simply fits any outfit on and off the court.

While it’s among the most handsome headphones today, MW65 isn’t all about aesthetics. Sound is of high quality and is balanced in both low-end and high-end. Moreover, it offers great noise canceling, ideal for players who want to dampen the world and focus on honing their basketball skill. Battery life is relatively long, measured at 21 hours per charge. What’s great is that charging it for 15 minutes already provides another good 12 hours of runtime.

JBL Everest Elite 700 NXTGen Headphones

JBL Everest Elite 700 NXTGen Headphones come with the signature JBL Pro Audio Sound that has been delivering incredible sound to living rooms, studios, and concert halls for over

70 years. With that, it’s not surprising that it enticed many players in the NBA like Stephen Curry, Justice Winslow, and Damien Lillard.

Apart from its top-notch sound, these over-ear wireless headphones also have an amazing complete noise cancellation feature, echo canceling microphone, sound calibration and customization capabilities, sophisticated flat-fold-flat design, and ergonomic fit, all for an enjoyable experience.

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

Used by Kyrie Irving, the Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is perfect for players who want to like their bass strong. Its features with the brand’s patented technology, which allows incredible bass in each ear cup, not only heard but felt. Considering each one’s preferences, there’s a slider under the earcup that the wearer can adjust to the bass response he likes.

These headphones be a bit plasticky, but it never sacrifices comfort. It even comes with an on-ear button and a built-in mic that allows easy control. Meanwhile, there’s no stopping from playing favorite music as it has a to 40-hour battery life. Its Rapid Charge feature, provides a 3-hour runtime from a mere 10-minute charge, highlighting the device’s progressive tech.

Muzik One Connect

Muzik One Connect headphones are sleek, modern headphones that offer many functionalities. It allows the wearer to change the volume, use control in the ear cup, connect to the device assistant, and integrate with sites and apps like Spotify, Twitter, and Facebook. Sound quality is outstanding as well, providing crisp, clear, and balanced audio for a fun listening experience.

Having hybrid over-ear and on-ear cushions, these headphones also provide the utmost comfort to their wearers. Plus, it comes with an array of accessories like spare ear pads, an extra 3.5mm cable, a hard case, a pouch, and a carabiner for easy hooking to a bag.

While construction still needs to be improved, Muzik One Connect headphones are already worn by NBA stars like Chris Paul, Bradley Beal, and Paul George, while the legendary Michael Jordan has also invested in the company, promising brighter days ahead.

Apple AirPods2

Last but not the least, Apple AirPods2 is also popular among many NBA basketball stars. While its sound quality is less impressive, especially for those who want to hear strong bass or extreme low-ends, the output is clear, clean, and crisp, enough for daily practices or for zoning out before big games.

Small, handy, and without the need to plug a cord, their portability is one of their main advantages. It is even powered by other outstanding features like seamless integration to other Apple devices, a touch-sensitive exterior for summoning Siri, and an automatic feature that pauses the sound if you take any earbuds out. Plus, it has a decent battery life of up to 5 hours, with the case acting as its charger as well.

That’s the rundown of the headphones that NBA use most. Feel free to choose which suit your style and preferences, and enjoy all the benefits it leveling up your game.