How can the NBA and NFL help to strengthen sports in America?

The development of American sports has suffered for far too long in the hands of unnecessary competitions. There is a bright future ahead for American sports. Both basketball and American football will pave the way for others to follow. It is time for America to think about the future of its sports, allowing them to grow and push each other to new heights.

On every channel and every media page you turn, there’s always a discussion by some pundits or sports analysts pitting the NBA versus the NFL.

It’s always American football stars versus NBA players. The focus is usually too much on the differences between both sports and the organizations handling them, even though they are quite clear for all to see.

It almost seems as though American news media outlets cannot talk about the NFL week 6 odds without comparing them to the NBA odds. At the same time, the NFL and the NBA are for Americans and are America’s biggest sports by far.

If these unnecessary comparisons continue, how can American sports dominate across the globe? It is time to foster collaboration above the competition.

Collaboration is the true essence of the American spirit. Collaboration is the only way to grow these sports until they dominate on a global scale. It is time to finally crush all the divisive lines and foster collaboration between the NFL and the NBA to promote American sports.

How can the NBA and NFL differences serve as an impetus for collaboration?

Basketball and American football may be games played with a ball. Still, the differences between both sports even go beyond having different controlling bodies running their leagues.

Before examining how the differences between the NBA and the NFL can serve as an impetus for collaboration, let us examine some widespread differences that are often debated.

Widespread differences often debated

Shape of the ball

As mundane as this sounds, it is one of the flashpoints of the discourse between basketball and football in America. It is a big topic, and perhaps it is so because it is the first noticeable difference between both sports upon first glance.

Basketball is played with a spherical ball that is bounced on hard surfaces. The ball used in basketball is similar in shape to the ball used in soccer, but basketball has a higher diameter. The ball used in American football is oval-shaped. It is similar to the ball used in rugby. Most balls used in sports assume a spherical shape. Still, the ball for American football is oval-shaped, so players can catch and throw them easily around the field.


The comparison between which sport and which body generates the most revenue between the NBA and NFL is another popular topic in American sports. Both sports gross billions of dollars annually, but their revenues do not exactly use identical metrics.

First, the regular NFL season features about 256 games, but NBA seasons cover up to 1230 matches. The audience capacities are also different.

NFL games are played in big stadiums, while NBA games are typically played in indoor courts with less capacity compared to stadiums. The revenue generated by both institutions also depends on sponsorship. However, the discussions in the media are simply direct comparisons of the final numbers without any consideration for these crucial factors.

America’s biggest sport

Another common topic is the debate about which one ranks as America’s biggest sport between basketball and American football. The sizes of the NBA and NFL are different, and the scope of their games are totally different too. Americans have accepted both games, and that should be what’s important. The same Americans who love and stake on football also love and stake on basketball.

Outside America, the NBA and the NFL are exploring different strategies to grow their patronage. Both organizations are achieving various levels of success even though the challenges are also present. The NBA and NFL’s successes abroad are America’s success.


Many more focus areas are tangential to the common difference points highlighted above. But do they really matter in the grand scheme of promoting American sport to the rest of the world? America has succeeded on a lot of fronts. It can also achieve tremendous success levels in its sports. Still, America’s sports need to understand their different positions and the influence that each of them wields.

The NBA and the NFL can begin to work together by utilizing each other’s strengths and collaborate to achieve their different set goals. Instead of the constant attempt at browbeating one sport over the other by America’s media, they should focus on encouraging collaborations over the competition.

After all, the success of basketball and American football is essentially America’s success. Ensuring American sport succeeds should be everyone’s ultimate goal.