How Running Shoes Should Fit

If you want to have a more enjoyable and comfortable running experience, your running shoes should actually have a slightly different fit that your typical shoes. Basically, your running shoes should be a bit bigger so you’ll have to purchase a larger size than you’re accustomed to. 

We’ll now get into a couple of guidelines that will show you how running shoes are supposed to fit

Hold – You definitely want running shoes that fit properly around the midfoot and is secure. Each foot should feel as though a hand is holding it securely. 

Wiggle Space – When it comes to space, there should be a thumbs width of space between your longest toe such as your big toe and the shoe front. 

Heel – Make sure that you don’t feel any slipping around the heel of the shoe. 

To ensure a perfect fit try orthotic insoles in your running shoes.

Do your shoes fit as though they are almost right?

If you have these issues then you may need to use a couple of lacing strategies to ensure you get a better fit. Proper lacing can help to loosen a tight area or get your heel to fit more snugly. 

Unsure of your foot size?

All you need to do is print out a copy of our foot sizing chart which will allow you to accurately measure your foot size anywhere you desire. However, ensure that you actually measure both of your feet since it is possible that they are not the same size. So, if your feet are not the same size, simply buy shoes according to the larger foot.