How To Apply Cruising Styles On A Longboard

When you think about longboarding, cruising longboard may come to your mind first. That’s because it’s pretty basic and easy to start. 

If you’re planning to embark on longboarding, you’re likely to use your longboard to cruise around fun areas nearby your home. Commonly people think of this but it also shows that they haven’t researched it extensively. And you can check out the link if you want to find out the best skateboards for tricks.

What does cruising on a longboard mean?

Cruising is a comfortable way of riding. It generally involves riding a long board in a comfortable and easy way. Going slowly down a path or through the streets of the city, walking around for fun, or moving from one area to another. 

Riders can ride slowly through streets or down roads to enjoy the surrounding environment. Cruising longboard is a type that is open to people of all generations and levels. Little hard for beginners but having a good longboard for beginners can help doing it. Even if you’re totally new at this.

Types of Longboard Cruising

The most popular Longboard cruising styles you can try is given below:

  • Boardwalk riding
  • Flat ground carving
  • Urban cruising
  • Long-distance cruising

Boardwalk Cruising Style 

Boardwalk longboard Cruising is a simple style that is performed in a beach or park in a pleasant atmosphere. It is a perfect choice if you want to enjoy a beautiful day or just relax and still do light exercise at the same time.

Perfect Board for This One

A pintail volador longboard is a perfect selection for this as they are good for relaxation. It has more reasons.

A pintail longboard is normally 40′′+, which can easily carry your weight and you have enough space to stand on. In the meantime, the flat longboard deck without a concave has a mild flex. This is best for relaxing ride and less tension.

You frequently use a laid back stance while cruising along the beach or on a park trail. Because your longboard is usually wide and sturdy enough not to think about balance. 

In most large pintail longboards, you can push on the rails without turning the board a lot. A board that isn’t too sensitive or easy to turn will help you to ride relaxed and look around as you run.

Long-distance cruising

Long-distance cruising by longboard means commuting as the name saysa long area. You may ride across your town or campus with your favourite longboard.

Perfect Board for This One

The form of board and the commuting skills are based on getting more mileage and speed with less energy to get faster. 

You’d typically pick a longboard with a really long deck for a commuting cruiser (more than 42′′). But this time it should be as low as possible to the ground so you can keep moving with less pushing over longer periods of time. The best option is a drop platform that has a strong stand-over space.

While cruising long distances on a longboard, you usually stand upfront when you ride on a long deck, the more closer to the nose is the better stability and pace. 

Urban Cruising

If you sometime want to do a longboard trip around the whole town, that is called Urban Cruising.

Perfect Board for This One

City cruising needs a more fast and agile board compared to long-distance cruising or beach cruising. In this form of cruising, the best choice is a shorter deck longboard, like 32′′ to 38′”.

In addition to the short length, longboard, you  would also want the deck to be stiffer in turns to give you more control.

When you ride a smaller city cruising longboard, you should keep your your knees flexed and body tensioned to get ready for fast turns and/or tail kicks. You have to continually change the posture and adjust body weight area as the board is sensitive. 

You have to constantly lookout for cars, pedestrians, dogs, etc. Be sure to travel slowly in busy places to avoid disrupting people. Use one of your hands while riding a longboard to indicate which  way you are going. 

The Flat Ground Longboard Carving Style

Most people assume that carving is a unique riding style without any relation to cruising. 

But, they don’t know that it’s a great aspect of longboard cruising. You don’t have to use your foot to move in this style, because your powerful weight shifts will make drive energy and successive turns.

Perfect Board for This One

Carving needs a longboard that can turn faster than a standard cruiser but not generally as too fast as a mini-cruiser in the area. When carving, you want to flow your turns smoothly, in response to the rotations of your body. 

Because of its sensitivity, a top mounted longboard is usually a good option. In deep turns, you will need soft square longboard wheels for grip. 

In these turns, the deck can have wheel wells to or be elevated with risers to give more room to the turned longboard wheels to prevent wheel bite. It is also necessary to understand when to release it and when to lower your center of body gravity during the turn, and 

Cruising on your longboard includes simple beach board riding to moving long distances, to fast riding along sidewalks of the city. Whatever your style is, it will make your longboarding experience simpler and more pleasant to choose the right commuter for the job. 

If you already have a longboard, you can possibly change it to some degree according to the suggestions in this article to suit your favorite riding style.