how to choose volleyball shoes for liberos


If you have been playing volleyball, you know that the game comes along with a lot of equipment. You probably would consider a pair of shoes, shorts, a ball and a net. You may also want to play alone but with other players, you will learn basic skills and this will bring the best in you. As a result, you will want the best shoes for this.

Why you need good shoes for liberos?

I am sure that you need the best shoes for volleyball unless you have decided to do beach volleyball. It is prudent to purchase shoes meant for volleyball. Another consideration is taking a proper position as you play. Nevertheless, the weight, design, comfort, and price are also some of the factors to consider while choosing a pair of shoes for liberos. Do not forget that the shoe industry has a big collection of many shoe designs. Therefore, it is good to know which kind of shoes suit your demands.

For instance, FootGearz has volleyball shoes, running shoes, and fashion sneakers have a huge difference. We mostly play volleyball on a basketball court. In volleyball, players have to run and stop oftentimes. Therefore, your shoes should have good traction.

Volleyball Shoes for Liberos Buying Guide

Try to maintain a unique standard if you are going to purchase volleyball shoes for liberos. These standards will help you get the best shoes ever. I am also sure that your confidence is going to be boosted once you get the best pair of shoes for the game. Here are some features that we consider before going for volleyball shoes.


Cushioning will most definitely make your shoes much more comfortable. This is pretty important as you play because you need comfort in order to concentrate on the game. This will later affect your general performance. Therefore, we must look at this feature before purchasing a pair of shoes for volleyball.


This is a pre-requisite requirement. It is almost a must that you consider this feature before purchasing a pair. This is because volleyballers keep moving here and there within the court. These continuous and lateral movements require that you get very stable shoes. Stable shoes will always maintain balance and comfort. This will also improve your performance.


Volleyball needs a lot of endurance because it is fast and furious. During the game, you expect to sweat and your legs will become quite hot. Therefore, as you choose a pair of shoes, ensure that air flows in to cool and dry your feet.

Weight & durability

This is a sensitive feature because you need much concentration as you play. Heavy shoes will obviously kill your morale. Therefore, you need a lightweight pair of shoes. These shoes will assist you to make fast movements without affecting your morale of playing. Select lightweight shoes without forgetting that they also need to be stable and durable.

Design & Fit

At the end of the day, what matters is what design and fit make you happy. You are at your discretion to choose the most suitable design for you. However, do not dwell on appearance only. Rather, scrutinize the shoes in order to get the best that suits your demands. For instance, if your feet are broad, go for a pair of shoes that wide. Go for shoes that bring a difference as you play. All in all, you need to be careful before you land on shoes that will disappoint you.

How to protect your volleyball shoes

After getting a pair that suits you, prepare to get ways of cleaning them and how often you use them. You may also want to add another pair. Cleaning your volleyball shoes for liberos is as easy as it is explained below:

  • After using them, you should have them cleaned immediately. Be aware of the material used to make the shoes before deciding on which tool to use in cleaning them
  • We recommend that you use the brush to make a perfect wash. In many instances, brushes are harmful to your shoes. Never brush your shoes if you are not supposed to brush them.
  • Using your shoes regularly will reduce their lifespan. This is more especially the insole which gets damaged easily. You need to change it immediately. You will experience a bad odor if you do not change old insoles regularly.
  • The measures you take in taking care of your shoes will go a long way to protect them or not. Therefore, you need to come up with a way of using, washing, and drying them.


If you have a passion for volleyball, it is always good to focus on your game. This is by having the right pair of shoes. This is very crucial for liberos because they take a very critical position in the match.

Whether you are a novice or a professional volleyballer, what has been mentioned above will be good for you especially for liberos. If you go for the best pair of shoes, you will not only experience good performance but also comfort. I wish you all the best as you for the right pair of volleyball shoes. Keep the practice on until you perfect.