How to choose your basketball?

All young basketball players yearn for more flexibility to look like Michael Jordan, in between two games on  Hellspin Casino. Indeed, he is considered one of the greatest players in the NBA, a major professional league in American sport. As the choice of the ball determines the performance and the quality of the game, this article offers advice for choosing the right basketball.

Choose the right size

It is essential to choose your ball according to your age and also your level of practice, because each ball has a specific weight and circumference. Indeed, the larger the size of the ball, the larger its circumference and its weight.

  •  Size 3 balls are between 55 and 60 cm, weigh between 300 and 400 g and are suitable for children under 7 years old in the initiation to baby basketball category.
  •  Size 5 balls are between 69 and 71 cm, weigh between 450 and 500 g and are suitable for children aged 7 to 13 in the chick category
  •  Size 6 balls are between 72 and 74 cm, weigh between 530 and 550 g and may be suitable for the junior girl category over 14 and seniors.
  •  Size 7 balls are between 75 and 78 cm, weigh between 560 and 650 g and are suitable for the minimum category for boys over 14 and for seniors.

Take into account the place of practice

The place of practice has a considerable impact on the choice of a basketball. Indeed, each ball is designed for a specific use indoors or outdoors. The difference lies in the raw material that makes up the covering of the ball:

Real leather ball models are perfect for indoor play. They are designed for use on parquet or gym flooring and can help you work on your game and your shot by offering quality rebounds and better touch on the ball.

Balls made of synthetic leather, rubber, with rubber or plastic are best suited for outdoor practice. They are smoother and stronger, but may provide better grip. They offer better resistance and can last for several years when used on asphalt or on landscaped terrain with consolidated gravel.

Balls made of durable leather are hybrid models that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This is the case of the Spalding nba basketball which is made of strong and durable composite leather.

Ensure value for money

The price of a balloon can range from 10 to 200 euros and depends on the model, brand and size. But it is possible to find models at an affordable price and which also offer good quality such as the Molten, Spalding, Wilson basketball, etc.