How to Easily Create and Run Instagram Ads?

Instagram is a popular social media platform that has millions of followers. Many companies use it to market their products and services. Facebook and Instagram are now integrated and this means that more business opportunities are available for companies. Subscribe to reliable internet packages to run the digital processes of your company effectively. While I was creating Ads for a shoe company, I realized that Spectrum internet prices work well for me and my monthly subscription provides me ample internet for all my digital marketing activities.

With a stable internet connection in place, you can run Instagram ad campaigns to get more clients, followers, and more. Running an ad on Instagram is not a difficult task. The following passages contain details of how you can effectively run a campaign on the platform.

Creating Ads

Due to the integration of both platforms, you can create both Instagram ads and Facebook ads from the Facebook ads manager. Simply log into your Facebook, go to the ads manager, and create a new campaign. 

Select an Objective

Different companies or individuals have different reasons to run Instagram ads. Make sure that you select an objective that is most suited to your business setup. The following are some of them:

  • Brand awareness – to create awareness
  • Reach – for better visibility
  • Traffic – for more viewers
  • Engagement – for more interaction in the form of comments etc.
  • App installs – to promote app purchases or downloads
  • Video views – for interaction with customers
  • Lead generation – for selling purposes
  • Messages – to entertain user queries

Name Your Campaign

Once you have finalized your objective, it is time to name your campaign. Naming enables users to track their campaigns and view their corresponding insights. Is it a monthly ad or new product promotion? Name the campaign accordingly. 

The next step after naming the ad is conducting an A/B test. It helps to see which version of the ad will perform the best. Once you have the results, select a budget accordingly. 

Make Ads Instagram-only

The ad placement option will appear first on the page once you start the process of creating an ad. However, it is better to skip past it and fill it later. Select Instagram-only placements and uncheck Facebook and Audience Network to ensure that it only runs on Instagram. 

Target a Specific Audience

One of the best parts about ads campaigning on Facebook and Instagram is the extent to which you can narrow down your campaign. You can select a location, choose an age group and gender, specify the interests of your targeted audience, and even set preferences for behaviors (intentions of people such as travelling, buying, etc.). Furthermore, you can even choose to run the ad for the people who are already following your blog or people who haven’t followed it but have similar interests.

Select a Budget

You can choose how much you invest in an ads campaign. Select a daily budget followed by a lifetime budget. The campaign manager will spread your total cost over the duration of the days that it is going to run. This will enable you to see how the campaign is performing on a regular basis. You can even pause it if it is not performing well and resume it later. The cost deductions are based on the successful interactions of people with your ad.

Choose a Format

The final stage is selecting a format of the ad. To do this, go to the ad creation dashboard. Here, you will need to upload all your final content, complete your ad content, and hit the “publish your ad” button. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are different types of ad formats. All of them are helpful in a unique way. Therefore, make sure to select a format that is in line with your objective. The different types of ads are:

  • Photo ads: These ads are image-based. Usually, they have some text as well.
  • Carousel ads: These ads are scrollable. Users can horizontally scroll to see a series of videos or images. 
  • Collection ads: These are sales-encouraging ads that allow customers to make purchases directly on the ad.
  • Video ads: These are video-based ads that can be anywhere from one second to sixty seconds. 
  • Stories ads: Stories ads are popular video or photo-based apps to increase outreach.

By following all the steps above, you can easily run successful ad campaigns on Instagram. Make sure to set an appropriate objective followed by a correct format to drive more value to your business.