How to Get Toddler Involved in Sports

Sports and physical activity are an inseparable part of the healthy and balanced lifestyle of every person. Sports help to develop physical qualities, strengthen immunity, help establish social contacts, and teach discipline and responsibility. It is particularly important to bring up these values ​​from childhood. One of the methods to get the toddler involved in sports is to combine it with an adequate nutritional strategy. Nevertheless, not every parent can arouse the child’s interest in physical activity. So, how to instill a baby’s love for sports and inspire the child to be involved?

When to start?

A question that bothers parents about babies and sports is when is the best time to start. Easy! Even from the first year of life. It is crucial to realize that sports, like any other activity, have a sensitive period. It means the time which is the most suitable for the development of one or another human function or ability. That is why it is worth starting from one to six years. This very time is the most sensitive for the baby’s motor activity. The first thing you should practice is gymnastics for babies. 

Let’s have a look at different sports activities suitable for the toddler. 

1 Dynamic gymnastics for babies

It is the latest sports trend which rapidly gains popularity. This kind of sport helps babies to develop muscles, to train the musculoskeletal system, and strengthen the body in general. But it is very important to practice under the patronage of professionals.

2 Fitball

Fitball is a famous huge ball. It is often used at maternity hospitals to help women in labor. You can start to practice with this ball from the age of 6 months. Such exercises are also useful for the baby’s musculoskeletal system.

3 Swimming

Recently, it became trendy to teach a child to swim even before the baby begins to walk. If the parents have the opportunity, the mother and the baby should visit the pool. This is an ideal option to get your toddler involved in sports.

To be an example is the best way to get a baby involved in sports

There is a thought that there is no need for the strict upbringing of the child because the baby learns on mum’s and dad’s example. If parents do their morning exercises or run, or do professional sports, there is no need to persuade the child. The baby will repeat the example. Sports should be encouraged. Different game situations should be created. It is great when the toddler shows initiative and interest in suggested sports. 

Balanced nutrition is an inseparable part of physical exercise

Sports and nutrition are two main components of a healthy life, which cooperate with one another. The correct nutritional strategy is key to achieving the best results in sports, supporting energy, and recovering after physical activity. Balanced nutrition gives the body the required amount of nutrients, which help to provide optimal performance during training, strengthen muscles, and recover faster after exertion. The main components of balanced nutrition are proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. 

The proteins are the building material for muscles and help them recover after physical exercises. The introduction of sources of proteins in the diet helps to increase strength and muscle mass. Carbs are the main sources of energy which is very important for toddlers. Fats are necessary for the optimal functioning of the body. They reserve energy and contribute to the normal functioning of hormones. What toddler can eat to get the needed amount of all the components to be active? European baby oatmeal is a great choice. Holle Organic Oats Porridge consists of a suitable amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and vitamin Thiamine. HiPP Organic Cereal Oats Porridge is 100% oats. It is suitable for babies from 5+ Months. This European baby oatmeal has all the needed nutritional components to provide energy for physical activities. 


With the right combination of physical activity and healthy eating habits, your little one can develop good physical skills and a healthy lifestyle from a young age.  Remember that the most important thing is to give your kid the opportunity to make choices, set a positive example and support him/her on the way to an active life. Choosing the right baby food, rich in essential nutrients, can help you achieve the best results in terms of health and vitality.