How To Overcome Fatigue In Basketball

Ever felt constantly tired during the season? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to be giving you tips on how to overcome fatigue in basketball.

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Basketball is a tough sport. One of the toughest because it requires a high degree of physical conditioning, combined with strength and the ability to be cool under pressure. There is no one trick ponies in Basketball. It’s high energy so it requires high maintenance of the body meaning players are more susceptible to fatigue. Ever felt constantly tired during the season? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to be putting you through your paces about how to overcome fatigue in basketball. My tips will give you an advantage over other players and they’ll enable you to play harder for longer.

Tip One – Training

Most players love the game but hate training. They almost act as if training was something invented by a gang of sinister coaches aiming at making life hell for those with a talent for shooting hoops. Training is so important because it conditions the body to withstand stress like the stress of running and jumping for more than one hour. Set’s of 17 is a form of training that’ll help your body gain in stamina and increase its repair rate. Place two markers at each end of the court and run between them 17 times. That’s one set. Do three and you’ll find your on-court work rate increase while your fatigue decreases. Sets of 17 condition your body to perform the physical repetition of playing and they’re a great way of how to overcome fatigue in basketball.

Tip Two – Sleep

Cut down on Coffee and Alcohol because these raise the heartbeat and brain activity. They also dehydrate you so you wake up at night more often and have less energy in the day. Less of these substances, plus night time stretching will help you sleep better and you’ll see improvement in play. A recent Stanford study found better sleeping improved dramatically both player accuracy and fatigue. Sleep is your bodies time to re-charge. So, stop tiredness and stop fatigue with a better quality sleep

Tip Three – Diet

Basketball players need more energy than other people because of the nature of the game. So if you’re wanting to know how to overcome fatigue in basketball, chances are you haven’t been eating the foods you should.

To overcome constant tiredness you need Iron-rich foods like Beef and Chicken. Iron carries Oxygen along through the blood on its way to creating energy. Calcium-rich foods like Kale, Yoghurt, Broccoli, and Watercress build stronger bones and muscles, meaning you’ll be able to handle more running. Vitamin B foods like Pork, Fish, and Eggs help you breakdown energy and help you release it more quickly. Fiber rich foods like Beans, Wholemeal Bread, and Nuts improve your digestive system’s handling of food so that the maximum amount of Vitamins and Nutrients enter the bloodstream.

If you’re suffering from fatigue right now these foods will help you recover quicker. If you suffer from constant tiredness often then they’ll help prevent it in the future.

Tip Four – Drink Water

The body is composed of 60% water. The brain is mostly water too. So believe me when I say that you need it. It’s the best drink for hydration and the leading cause of fatigue on the Basketball court is dehydration. You do the Math. If you are fatigued at the moment, then you’re probably not drinking enough water. It complements Fibre in the boosting of your digestive system so that all the good stuff in food gets into your bloodstream. It also increases blood volume meaning more blood flows through your blood. The more blood you have the more energy you’ll be able to produce. Water is the number 1 thing if you want to know how to overcome fatigue in basketball

Tip Five – Cold Tub Hot Tub

Get yourself into a Cold Bathtub before games. This could be in the morning before you leave, or at the game itself if you have that facility. Stay there for 5 minutes and then get into a Hot Tub for the same amount of time. This will improve the speed of blood flow in your legs and so you’ll be boosting energy production in this vital area of the body for Basketball.

Tip Six – Breathing

Do some breathing exercises. Breath deeply through the nose and out through the mouth. Do that for five minutes. This has a number of benefits. It’ll improve your Oxygen intake, which helps in the creation of energy. It’ll also lower your heart rate and relax your blood pressure which both improves fatigue and enhance your concentration. Who’d have thought that how to overcome fatigue in basketball would be a case of accessing something we’re surrounded by all day like air.

Final Thoughts

80% of all players in the NBA suffer from fatigue every season. With so many games these days it’s become a matter of managing fatigue rather than eliminating it. The above tips are common methods players can use to keep their tiredness at levels that don’t interfere with their game. Don’t just pick out one or two that seem easy to take on. If you really want to lower your fatigue then you need to incorporate all of these into your life. Treat yourself right and your game will come together. And remember the number 1 recommendation of how to overcome fatigue in basketball in drinking more water. Because not enough water is the number 1 cause of fatigue. Most players don’t drink enough. This should be the first tip you focus on. Drinking more water will make it easier for you to apply the other tips into your life. Thank you for reading.