How to Play Beach Volleyball: Instructions for a Beginner

Beach volleyball is the “younger brother” of big volleyball. Nevertheless, during its existence as a different sport, it has succeeded to earn a great army of fans worldwide. It attracts with its excitement and unpredictability. The playground is smaller (8 x 16 m, compared to the traditional size of 9 x 18 m), the grid is smaller (8.5 x 1 m, compared to the usual version of 9.5 x 1 m), the number of players in the team is smaller (only two). And besides, the beach type is less traumatic!

Think about organizing a playground when planning your holiday home, along with ordering swimming pool furniture, bar furniture, or outdoor garden benches. Even in case, you enjoy this sport only like a fan relaxing under an outdoor umbrella Dubai, consider trying it.

As a rule, the equipment for this sport is quite simple. Therefore, if you want to equip your small playground, it will not cause difficulties. You will need just:

  • field markings,
  • mesh with pockets and antennas,
  • painted racks,
  • balls of different levels.

To quickly learn the basics, pay attention to the list of requirements for beginners

The number of participants. Each team has at least two people. At the same time, there are no strict postulates about replacing players. If one of the team members is disqualified due to a violation, then they will not be replaced. Therefore, the player will have to earn points alone.

The placement of the players. The positions of the participants on the site are not defined. They can be in any zone, but they should not cross the boundaries of their field.

The setting of hands. The hands are often placed behind the back, at the level of the buttocks. At the same time, the player puts the little finger, ring finger, middle, and thumb into one point; the index finger shows the companions in which direction the player will act.

The playing field. The site should be covered with sand, and also have a rectangular shape. The dimensions of the site are 16×8 m, while there should be a free zone around the field of about 3 m. Obstacles from above are at a distance of at least 7 m.

Scoring points. The team that was able to win in 2 games wins. If there is a draw, it is necessary to play another game. Points are scored up to the score of 21, while the winning players must come forward with a difference of 2 points. In the initial games, after scoring 10 points, the teams are required to switch sides. In the third game, this happens after scoring 5 points.

The Main Types of Gestures and Strokes of Volleyball

To understand how to properly learn beach volleyball, it is necessary to briefly consider the options for strikes. There are several of them in total: submission, attacking strike, and block. In addition, there are a number of errors that can permanently disqualify a team member.


The player has the right to move freely in the submission area. Submission must be performed strictly after the referee uses the whistle, the ball is hit with one hand and after the ball has been touched by the hand – it cannot be touched. In case of violation of the order, the right of submission passes to the opponent.

Attacking strike

All actions that send the ball in the direction of the opponent are considered attacking. The kick is considered completed after crossing the net, you cannot touch the ball in the opponent’s half of the field, and you cannot attack the ball when it is on the line of the upper edge of the net.


The players must use their hands on the area near the net to prevent the ball from entering their zone The main mistakes occur due to premature touching of the ball when it is behind the net in the zone of the opponent.

The Benefits of Beach Volleyball

The Benefits of Beach Volleyball

Let’s consider some advantages of practicing volleyball

  • A variety of game situations. The game can add up in a variety of ways, during which a person develops flexibility, dexterity, coordination, speed qualities and the ability to fall correctly. The latter skill will significantly help a person and a child to behave correctly in icy conditions.
  • High physical activity. They significantly increase human endurance, strengthen the musculoskeletal system and improve blood circulation.
  • Burning calories. Beach volleyball not only promotes slimness but also improves the condition of the legs because the game is built in such a way that it is the hands and feet that account for the main load.
  • Stimulation of mental activity. To develop a strategy and tactics for the game, it is necessary to constantly analyze the situation on the field.
  • A charge of emotions. The beach, rest, sun – all this contributes to a good mood. In addition, the game complements the picture with a lot of energy and cheerfulness.