How To Record Football Matches With A Camcorder

Camcorders are a good choice when you are planning to record a football match. It provides you with several recording options and good zooming quality without hampering the clarity of your footage.

If you are going to record a football match be it for your entertainment or a better understanding of a college matc, there are some tips and tricks you should know to record some great reels and highlights. These would help the players and coaches for their tactical analysis and areas of improvement.

In this article, we have prepared a short guide for how to record football matches with a camcorder. So, let’s get started.

Things You Might Need

Before jumping into recording your video make sure you have these along with your camcorder:

  • Video camera tripod
  • Telescoping Pole
  • Tripod Mount Monopod Extension Rod
  • Tablet Tripod Mount Adapter
  • Any tablet compatible with your camcorder
  • Extra batteries and SD cards
  • Carrying bag

How To Record Football Matches With A Camcorder

Now that you are all set with your equipment and accessories, let’s move on to the part of recording sports with your camcorder.

  • Setting Up The Camcorder

The first and very important part of recording a football match is setting up the camcorder in a perfect position where you can get a clear angle. After placing your camera in the pole, make sure to check if it has connected to your tablet or whatever screen you are using to get the view.

Go to the middle of the ground and place your telescopic pole 10-15ft back from the sideline of the field. The height of your pole should at least be 16ft above the ground. Now adjust the legs of your tripod which would help you accommodate any slopes and changes in the topography if encountered.

  • Adjusting The Angles

The most important part of a football match recording is its angles. If you don’t have the proper angles, you won’t be able to view the matches properly, and also for tactical analysis the angles are important.

For the angles, make sure to set your horizon to a horizontal view. This elevated angle would be a better angle from where everyone can see the positioning of the players in the field properly. You can easily view the match and work on your progress through this angle.

Some matches are recorded in narrow views with could not capture the full video of the kick-ins or some great goals made by the players. That is why adjusting the angles of your camera is very important.

  • Zooming Options

When it comes to the zooming options camcorders are the best options. There are many preset modes available in the camcorders so make sure to check out which ones are best for a horizontal view.

Be careful about zooming and out. While zooming in make sure not to go too far. Try to fixate and focus your camera on approximately one-third of the field. This gets a better view of the positioning of the players and also the referees to give the right calls.

The center referee would have a better understanding when they get to see the full view of any action. That is why the big football matches have so many angles covered to record each movement precisely. But with only one camera, it is impossible to do so. So, the best you can do is get a balanced view of everything.

Remember to zoom out for the kick or throws to get its full view. Usually, when the players are zoomed-in while a kick or throw, you can’t really see the positions and tactics of other players to receive the ball. Try to show the scoreboard often especially after a goal and zoom in for capturing some movements of the set players.

Some Tips You Should Follow

  • Buy a camcorder with HD view and easily portable
  • Always carry extra batteries and SD cards
  • Be careful with your pole or it would hurt people passing by
  • Don’t stop recording unless it’s half-time
  • Buy a comfortable carrying bag to fit in all your accessories and protect them from unfavorable situations.

Final Words

You can record your football matches easily with the right steps. Now that you know the steps, make sure to get some good shots of the football matches.