How to Travel with a Skateboard for Beginners


You may have seen many students coming to their institutions riding a skateboard. Recently, it has become one of the most popular rides instead of walking. Most of us have a hidden desire of travelling to nearby places with a skateboard. It is faster and amusing.

First, you will need a skateboard so choose the skateboard of your choice from the best skateboard for beginners. I will discuss the matter “how to travel with a skateboard for beginners?” Before it starts, you have to become acquainted with many things. There is also a law about riding a skateboard in the street. You need to know those laws.

Today, I will discuss them broadly. So keep reading the article and learn how to travel with a skateboard?

1. Learn Skateboarding Properly

Riding a skateboard in the street is not a simple task. At first, you need to learn every step of skateboarding properly. Let’s get some of them.

Standing on the Board

You have learned different standing positions. When you are riding on footpath then you have to change the position frequently. So you have to master different standing positions.


The first and foremost thing is to tame balancing. You will face different hindrances on the road. You have to balance your board in front of such things.


Turning is a crucial fact while riding on the road. Whenever you need to change the road you have to turn it. One miss in turning can create a big accident.

Mini Road Crossing to Busy Road Crossing

Road Crossing is completely a different subject from skateboarding. Before starting on a road, you need to learn how to cross it properly.

First, start with the mini roads. Practice for a few days just by crossing mini roads when you feel improvement then start practicing on the busy roads. Try to cross it maintaining the highest safety level.


There are different stopping methods. When you are riding in a park or field, you can use any method to stop it.

But when you are riding on the road you need to stop in a professional way. The footbrake method is good to stop your skateboard.

2. Choosing the Path

It always better to choose sub road while riding a skateboard. Try to ride as left as possible on the road. If there is an option to use footpath then ride on the footpath. Must aware of passing by people and other road substances.

3. Take Protective Equipment

Most of the country has a law to wear a helmet while skateboarding in the road. It is the number of safety features. Also ensure the other safety features such as hand gloves, pads, wrist guards, etc.

4. Use Lights in Low light / Night

If your country allow to ride skating at night then you must have to use a light. Make sure you don’t fall unexpectedly with a lack of light.

5. The Law

There are different laws for skateboarding in different countries. (Skateboarding on Road)

The USA and the UK don’t have strict laws. The main law is to take the protective equipment. I have already discussed it.

Some countries like Australia has different laws. You can’t ride a skateboard at night. The maximum speed limit is 50 kph. Check out your country laws before starting on the road.

Final Words

I have already discussed the major things about traveling with a skateboard. It is always been a risky step to start riding on the road. It is highly restricted for the beginners. Before ending, I am showing some questions. Think about it and consider it again.

Are you confident about your skill?

Can you cross the road easily?

Is there any crossing guard available in your area?

What about the traffic density?

Are the road appropriate for skating?

Do you know the law properly?