Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit REVIEW: Mobile & Versatile

So for anyone who’s looking to get the Flyknit version of this year’s Hyperdunk, here’s my detailed Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit review! I really liked both the Mid and the Low versions, so let’s see if the soft upper edition lives up.

Before you check this one out, go ahead and check out the Low and the Regular versions of the shoe. Maybe those fit your preferences more!

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit review!


Shoes: Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit

Weight: 362 g. / 12.77 oz

Type: High Top

Technologies: ZOOM AIR, FLYWIRE, Flyknit

Fit: Go Half a Size Down

Available Colors: 3+

My Rating: 8/10


ZOOM AIR – so we got a full-length ZOOM unit with a Phylon midsole for the shoe’s cushion setup. A very welcome addition, but comes at a price. This is the most expensive version of the Hyperdunk’s, but I have to say the cushion on these is awesome.

FLYWIRE – we got our usual cable system connected to the laces for lockdown. Works reasonably well, though it can’t be as good as on the other versions, because Flyknit is too soft of a material to hold out the cables properly.

Flyknit – and of course, this is the shoe’s upper. Super awesome stuff. Light, mobile, breathable, soft and SUPER comfortable. Fans of soft uppers will definitely love the feel of this.



Overall, the is definitely comfortable thanks to its light construction and Flyknit, but they do fit very narrow AND long. That’s why you should definitely go down half a size down. They feel pretty bulky and long with my regular size.

And I honestly didn’t like their narrow construction. This is one of those shoes that will only cater towards regular/narrow footers. But other than the sizing problems, they are comfortable and mobile.


Awesome cushioning. It’s even a step up from the other 2016 Hyperdunks. We’re getting a full-length ZOOM unit instead of one in the forefoot and the heel.

And it feels CRAZY good. This is the true definition of versatility. Bouncy, responsive, still kinda low to the ground, good impact protection, stable. Everything about the cushion is done right. This is will fit pretty much ALL positions / playstyles. It’s not as crazy comfortable as full-length BOOST, but it’s up thre.


Traction is solid, just like on the other versions. The same pattern is used and it does grip the floor well. You will have to wipe a bit since dust clogs up pretty quickly. However, I think the rubber compound is a little softer than on the other versions for some reason.

Because of that, I don’t recommend playing with these outdoors. Besides that, the traction has you covered despite your movements.


I’d say not as good as the other versions overall, but still pretty good. Good support mainly comes from the shoe’s overall fit and the upper, and Flyknit isn’t a supportive material. The ankle collar is pure Flyknit, so it’s completely loose and not supportive at all.

Still, we got a heel counter, FLYWIRE, the shoe’s whole platform is very wide. And if you go down half a size, I think you shouldn’t have any problems with the support. Still, I didn’t feel as confident as on the Low version.


So like I mentioned a million times already, the upper is Flyknit. The only part that isn’t pure Flyknit is the toebox, which is reinforced with glue for durability purposes.

Overall, the upper is seriously awesome for anyone who likes these knit/woven-type materials. Super light, super comfortable and molds to your foot’s shape quickly, plus, no break-in time needed. Of course, this won’t be durable, so this is not a good outdoor option.


So here we are. All three versions of the Hyperdunk are now tested. The Flyknit version is definitely something that a lot of people should like.

If you’ll go down half a size, they are comfortable, awesome cushion, good indoor traction, decent support and a great Flyknit upper.

This shoe screams versatility. Any player would be able to wear these effectively, if they like how they fit. If you can spend that much money, give ’em a shot. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Still, just for your curiosity, I’d still go with the Low version out of the three editions.


+ Super awesome and versatile cushion
+ Solid traction for indoors
+ Flyknit upper is very comforable and molds to your foot


 Support is a bit disappointing
 Quite hard to put on at first
Not a good outdoor option, compared to other editions

That’s it for the review! I hope you found it useful! I’m curious to know your opinion on the shoe.

Do you like these more than the Mid or the Low?