Interesting Facts About Basketball You May Not Know

Basketball is a very popular team sport where two teams with five players each try to score points by shooting a ball through the basketball hoop. Many people love to play basketball for a lot of reasons. In fact, even those who don’t like it that much can play it occasionally. It is an interesting sport and you can even write a great dissertation on it using thesis help, or researching all the fascinating facts yourself. When basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891, it has gone through a lot of development until it became one of the most popular sports around the world. Even though basketball has been a well-known sport in a lot of countries, there are still some facts about it that you might not know. Moreover, on this post, you can also check out the safest automaty hazardowe online.

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Interesting Facts About Basketball You May Not Know

If you are in search of more information about basketball, then you’re in the right place. We are here to give you different interesting facts about basketball that you may not know. Also, we provide you with a useful article if you like betting on basketball. With these facts, you can definitely write my essay for a high grade.

1. You might be aware that basketball was created by James Naismith in 1891. But did you know that the game was invented because he was just looking for ways on how he could keep his class busy on a rainy day?

2. In the early days of basketball, the color of most balls used was brown. But today, it is more common to see an orange basketball. Spalding was the first company to produce a basketball, and since 1983, they are providing the official NBA game ball.

3. The very first basketball game took place in 1892. During that time, the court was just half the size of the basketball courts we see today. That game was played for only 30 minutes, and only one point was scored in the match.

4. A soccer ball was used to play the first basketball games until a basketball was invented in 1929. 

5. A backboard was added to the basketball game because the audience in the balcony used to interfere by handling the ball during the game. It’s because the early basketball hoops were nailed to the mezzanine balcony of the court.

6. Slam dunks were considered illegal in 1967. After nine years, it was legalized again.

7. Back in the early 1900s, players played basketball in cages of chicken wire and mesh. That is to keep them from falling into spectator seats. During the intense games, the basketball players would often get injured.

8. The first basketball hoops that were used are peach baskets with a closed bottom. It means that the officials needed to get the ball out after each basket. The first basketball string nets were introduced in the early 1900s.

9. Dribbling the ball was not a large part of the basketball game before. This means that players were allowed to catch the ball, take a few steps to slow down, stop, and throw the ball from that spot. However, when modern basketball was invented in the 1950s, dribbling became a critical part of the game.

10. Did you know that a warm basketball is bouncier compared to a cold one? It’s because the molecules in a warm basketball hit its inside surface at a much higher speed.

11. Before 1923, basketball teams were allowed to choose who would shoot a free throw in their team after a foul rather than the player who was fouled.

12. Basketball was made an official Olympic game in 1936 in Berlin, Germany.

13. Some basketball players exaggerate their fall after being hit. This action is to convince the referees that they were fouled, and it is called a “flop”.

14. Basketball shorts were really short until 1984 when Michael Jordan requested for longer ones.

15. Danny Biasone, the owner of the Syracuse Nationals, invented the shot clock during the 1953 to 1954 season to help speed up the game. This invention was cited as the most important event in the NBA.

16. In the early days of basketball, when a ball landed out of bounds, the referee would toss it down the court, and the first team to touch it gets the possession. However, this led to players getting injured. In 1913, the rule was changed to make the game much safer. Today, when the ball goes out of bounds, the team that touched it last loses the possession of the ball.

17. The three-point shot has not always been a part of the basketball game. It was just added in the 1979 to 1980 season when the NBA adjusted its rules.

18. When basketball was first invented, there were different rules when it comes to the number of players allowed on the court. There was a time when 9 players are required for each team, based on the standard number of players on a baseball team. In 1897, it was finally established that five players per side should be the rule to follow.

19. The oldest franchise in the NBA is the Sacramento Kings, which was founded in 1923.

20. In a North Korean basketball game, a dunk is equivalent to 3 points, 4 points for a three-pointer that does not touch the rim, and 8 points for a basket in the final three seconds. And if a free throw is missed, that means minus 1 point.

21. According to the International Basketball Federation or IBF, the basketball should bounce between 3.9 feet and 4.6 feet, measured from the top of the ball. When dropped from 5.9 feet, the ball must reach this height.

22. The term “slam dunk” was initially known as a dunk shot. During a Los Angeles Lakers game in the 1970s, Chick Hearn, an American announcer, used the phrase “slam dunk” for the first time, and it eventually stuck up until now.

23. Vanderbilt University was the first-ever college basketball team. The team was created by the university in less than 2 years after the game of basketball was invented. Their first basketball games were against the local YMCA. 

24. Basketball is the second most popular sport in the world next to soccer. It has more than a billion fans watching and playing all over the world.

25. Even though basketball is popularly an American sport, the first-ever pro game was held in Toronto, Canada, in 1946.

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These are some of the most interesting facts about basketball that we can share with you that may help you in writing your essay about your favorite sport (if you don’t use a case study writing service and do everything yourself). Be sure to consult the outdoorbasketballguide as well. With these facts, it is evident that the basketball game had genuinely gone through a lot of transformation and development before it became the famous sport we know today.

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