J Crossover 3 REVIEW: Tech, Performance & Materials!

Hey everyone and welcome to my J Crossover 3 review! This is the first pair of BrandBlack shoes I’ve ever tried and I heard people say it’s really good, so let’s find out.

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the J Crossover 3 review!


Black Foam – This is the shoe’s brand new cushion setup that was replaced by J Crossover 2’s Jetlon. BrandBlack says it’s much improved from Jetlon in terms of bounce and responsiveness. All I can say is that it’s f**king awesome.

Force Vector – These are those plates on both sides on the back of the shoe for support. Black Foam is an unstable cushion, so these come in handy to support the shoe and make it properly stable. 



Right off the bat, this is a very comfortable shoe that adapts to your foot super quikly and nicely. No slipping, no annoyances, everything’s stable and there’s some ventilation going on.

It’s definitely not a “plasticy” type narrow shoe, it’s quite the opposite. The upper is really soft and the shoe’s construction is actually pretty wide, so wide footers should love these.

I went true to size and it wasn’t a very snug ride, but I wouldn’t actually go down half a size. This is a personal preference though.


Black Foam is super awesome. I wouldn’t say it tops BOOST for me on some shoes, but this is different. Very, very councy, lots of impact protection and just overall extremely comfortable and fun to play in.

There’s not a lot of court feel. So if you like this type of cushion-heavy setup, this is one of the best in the game.


Awesome traction, period. I had no complaints about it, no slipping or anything like that. They don’t even collect dust that much, but I did wipe from time to time. The rubber compound looks reasonably durable, so I think these would hold up outdoors for a while.


The only problem I had with this shoe PERSONALLY, is the lack of support. Hear me out though. My playstyle does require lots of support and strong containment. That’s why this immediately was a dealbreaker for me.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s bad for eveyone. This is for someone who prefers mobility, lightness instead of support. There is a heel counter, a foot shank and those Force Vector plates.

So it’s not horrible, but for me it just wasn’t enough. Every time before doing an aggressive drive, I thought about the shoe’s support and that’s not a good thing, for me.


The upper is ballistic mesh with Fuse on high-wear areas.  It definitely does feel premium and super comfortable, but it’s definitely not a supportive upper. But again, it depends on what you like.

It is durable thanks to Fuse and TPU. The mesh used on these is very high quality too. At the end of the day, this is a great outdoor option, for anyone wondering. Not too sure about the traction, but I think it should hold up.



So for a newcomer to BrandBlack’s shoes and the JC line, I am definitely not disappointed. In fact, I’m really impressed.

They’re comfortable, they have amazing cushioning, great traction, they’re very mobile and they have totally premium upper. It’s also a solid outdoor option.

I would recommend these to anyone who’s looking for a new shoe with lots of cushion, to anyone who’s an outdoor player or just someone who’s looking for something new.


+ Extremely good cushioning
+ Great traction both indoors and outdoors
+ Very comfortable with no issues


 Support is barely there
 Containment is not for an explosive player

That’s it for the review, I hope you found it helpful for your next purchase!