Jordan CP3 IX REVIEW: Tech, Performance & Materials

In this Jordan CP3 IX review, you’ll find out if the shoe is any good on the court and if it’s on par with today’s leading shoes.

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the Jordan CP3 IX review!


ZOOM AIR – we have a basic cushion setup – a ZOOM AIR unit in the forefoot and a Phylon midsole throughout the rest. Nothing awesome, but it works.



Generally the shoe is quite comfortable, they do fit true to size. I have a reasonably wide foot and these felt good, better than lots of shoes with a narrow construction.

The fit was extremely stable, contained and just confident. That’s something I really appreciate, along with very nice ankle/heel padding that just adds to the experience. No complaints in terms of comfort/fit.


There’s nothing to boast about the shoe’s cushion since the setup is as basic as it can get. A ZOOM AIR unit in the forefoot, which is barely felt, and the Phylon midsole, which obviously doesn’t provide bounce or impact protection.

This is just a basic cushion setup that will prevent your legs from breaking, that’s it. Barely any bounce, decent responsiveness, barely any impact protection and I guess reasonably good court feel & stability.


Traction is awesome. Grips the floor extremely well, the pattern doesn’t collect dust that much, so you won’t need to wipe the shoes much. It handled every quick movement I threw at it just fine.

The rubber used on the outsole doesn’t look that outdoor friendly, but definitely not the worst. They would probably last some time, but this wouldn’t be my recommendation as an outdoor shoe.


This is one of those shoes with KILLER support and lockdown. I simply loved their support – they offer awesome protection on any movement. I’m an explosive-orientated guard and I know when a shoe can’t handle aggressive movements. This is not one of them.

They feature an awesome strap system that basically works along with the regular laces. In result you get superb lockdown and containment. And because of the soft upper, these massive amounts of support won’t restrict your game at all.


The upper is engineered mesh with foam. This feels very soft, light and comfortable. But since the shoe has great built-in support, the soft upper grants an awesome experience without comprosing anything. A truly great combination in my opinion, breathable too. Not that durable, but enough for indoor play or light outdoor play.



So the Jordan CP3.IX is a very nice shoe, and it’s fairly cheap for an Air Jordan model.

They’re comfortable, the cushion on these is subpar, but the traction, lockdown and materials are all great.

A very versatile package that would fit most smaller players, if they can live with that decent cushioning.


+ Awesome traction, minimal wiping required
+ Superb support in every way
+ A very comfortable and lightweight upper


 Cushioning is minimal
 Traction wouldn’t last long outdoors

I hope you made this review useful! I always try to provide the most relevant information out there. Also, check out the AJ Rising High 2, another fairly cheap Jordan model that’s good.