LeBron 13 Low REVIEW: Tech, Materials & Performance

The original LeBron 13 was a pretty good shoe, now let’s see how the low version improved from it. If it improved. Here’s a full on-court performance LeBron 13 Low review.

Firstly, I recommend checking out my initial LeBron 13 review. That should give you an idea which version of the shoe you’ll like more.

There’s also an Elite version now, so check that out as well. Maybe it’s the best thing you’ve ever found out, who knows!

I’ll cover the appearance, tech and performance aspects and we’ll see if this is a good performer. LeBron 13 Low review is underway!


Shoes: Nike LeBron 13 Low

Type: Low Top Sneaker

Weight: 14.11 oz / 400 g.

Technologies: ZOOM AIR, Max Air, FLYWIRE, HyperFuse

Fit: True to Size

Available Colors: 4+

My Rating: 6.5/10


ZOOM AIR – the shoe has two cuhion units in the forefoot, which are not as good as the mid’s. Can barely feel them.

Max Air – there’s a 180 Max Air unit in the heel for impact protection, which does its job pretty well. Not the bounciest ride, but okay for medium-weight players.

FLYWIRE – there are special cables under the upper that are connected to the shoe’s laces for lockdown. They work pretty much just as intended.

HyperFuse – there some Fuse overlays on the toebox for extra durability, because mesh all by itself would break down pretty quickly in that spot.

If you don’t understand those tech names, check THIS explanation article out.



Right off the bat, I have to let you down because the overall fit and comfort of the LeBron 13 Low is simply worse than the Mid. It’s extremely weird in a way. Not all people (according to user feedback) feel this way, but I personally did.

Not enough interior padding, the tongue feels kinda out of place, but these are whatever. The main thing is that they’re wobbly and loose. Doing quick cuts or movements doesn’t feel right because it seems like I’ll loose my shoe in the proccess. You should go true to size, but the fit is a bit off in my opinion.


Once again, just not as good as the Mid. Those two small ZOOM AIR units in the forefoot are barely felt, which means you DO get good responsiveness and some court feel. But definitely zero bounce or extra comfort while running. Maybe the low was made more for light guards.

The Max Air unit in the heel is better and actually provides some impact protection upon landings. It’s stable and doesn’t get in the way of being too soft. A bit of a weird setup, but this works and you can get used to it.


The outsole is identical to the mid’s, so they grip the floor just as well. They are a bit sensitive to dust, so frequent wiping will be required. The rubber looks pretty strong, so you could try them outdoors. It’s just that they would’t be great there since dust would be picked up very quickly. But as far as indoors, they’re good.


Heel counters, an outrigger a wide sole base and FLYWIRE all do their jobs well to provide support. BUT, it doesn’t matter what tech the shoe offers when the fit is not right. It’s the case where it’s hard to explain, but support is there, however fit is unstable and in result you get a weird feel that makes you want to take the shoe off.


The upper is mostly mesh with foam and Fuse for extra protection. Definitely not as durable as the mid 13’s since they had HyperPosite. These are lighter though and they’re still not weak, just not as strong as the originals.

If the traction wasn’t sensitive, I’d say they would work just fine outdoors with this material setup. Pretty breathable as well and pleasant on the feet.



As disappointing as it is, I really wanted the low top to be an improved version that fits guards well. That wasn’t excatly the case. The shoe was solid in some areas, but some killed them for me.

Fit is simply not right, traction is fine, cushioning is decent, support is plenty but not realized well and the material setup is great. Now that’s inconsistent.

If you love LeBron’s and want his shoe as a performer, stick with the LeBron 13 Mid. And if you want something that’s great and it’s a LeBron shoe, check this out: LeBron James Best Shoes. Otherwise, check out my recommended alternative for an awesome low top.


+ Traction is fine both indoors and outdoors
+ Very good material setup


Cushioning is pretty weak
Fit is weird, wobbly and loose



If you want a kick-ass low top, the CLB 2016 is amazing in every way you can imagine. Comfort, cushion, traction, support, materials are all well-rounded and play with each other extremely well.

Full-length BOOST cushion, SPRINTPLATE and a Continental Rubber outsole for outdoor play.

Well I hope you found this review helpful and I hope I convinced you to look for something better 😀

Thanks for reading and now it’s time to YOUR take on this.