Most played football video games ever

No matter what sport you enjoy, there is almost always a guarantee that there is a video game version of the sport. Football is one of those super popular sports that has so many video games for it. You may rest assured that there’s constantly a football game for you to enjoy since these video games cover practically every platform, including PCs, consoles, and cellphones.

Though you may have a favorite football game of all time, that game is not the only one that exists. Curious to know what football games other people believe is the greatest football game to them? Then keep on reading, in this blog post we list the most played football video games ever. They aren’t ranked in any particular order, though their popularity may differ.

Firstly, eFootball

eFootball is a line of association football simulation video games created and released by the Japanese developer Konami. eFootball was formerly internationally known as Pro Evolution Soccer and in Japan and North America the game was known as Winning Eleven. This game has lost a bit of popularity, but luckily, it’s latest release back in 2022 gained some traction for the game.

Second, Behold the Kickmen

If you are interested in trying a sports video game and you decide to try one about football, even though you have not a clue what the sport entails, then we have the game for you. The whole concept of this video game is to reinvent football to those who aren’t that familiar with the rules. Behold the Kickmen is definitely on the humor side of football games, and that’s another thing that makes it unique.

Third, World Soccer Champs

This football game is one of those where the goal is to manage as well as lead your team to victory. Upwards of 100 leagues and cups are included in this game. This addictive game is free to play but does also include in app purchases.

Last but not least, FIFA 23

This one is probably one of the most popular football games in a certain age group. And that’s not without a reason. FIFA allows people to play as their favorite real life football stars and, of course, against the football stars they don’t particularly like. EA SPORTS has produced this game for 20 years and FIFA has had many updates. EA is releasing FIFA 23 this year, which will feature the World Cup as a game mode.

Here’s to more virtual sports!

As great as football video games are, having sports feel a bit more accessible for many people through video games is a pretty nice 21st century thing. Not only do we have video games about sports but there are also apps, websites, and blogs all dedicated to sports. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, check out for things you might need.