Most Popular Sports to Bet On Other Than Football

Football is, by far, the most popular sport in the world. There are over 3 billion fans of the game worldwide, and a lot of them claim that they’ve placed wagers at least once in their life. Most, however, frequently return to the bookies and gamble on the outcome of their favorite game.

So, when we discuss sports betting, none of us would be surprised to find that football is the most popular betting sport. But, what are the other options? In this article, we’d like to discuss the most popular sports to bet on, besides football.


Created in the late 1800s by James Naismith, basketball would soon grow into a worldwide phenomenon. The National Basketball Association was, for a long time, the most popular basketball organization in the world.

However, as times changed, the sport continued to grow in popularity. Today, it is the most popular sport in various countries around the world, most notable in Eastern Europe and certain regions of Africa. On top of that, basketball betting is more popular than ever, with plenty of bookies listing quality odds regarding the sport.

There are over 2 billion fans, which means that basketball is consistently competing with cricket for the number 2 title. Naturally, there are also a ton of punters who’d like to wager on their favorite game and support their teams.


If you were to take a look at the most popular sports betting sites right now, you’d find cricket is one of the biggest sports on there. There are a ton of websites covering some excellent odds and bonus offers for England’s national game. But, why is cricket so popular?

Well, the main reason is that cricket is the number 1, most popular sport in the Indian subcontinent. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc., are all places where cricket dominates. The sport also enjoys a large following in Australia, South Africa, and of course, its native England.

In fact, many people are surprised to learn that cricket has over 2 billion fans worldwide. With a following that large, it is the third most popular sport, behind football and basketball. And speaking of which.

Boxing & MMA

Combat and martial arts are a big part of human culture and society. And the oldest combat styles are striking and grappling. Striking is exemplified in boxing, whereas grappling is the cornerstone of mixed martial arts. It is, therefore, no wonder that these two remain the pinnacle of the combat sport world.

Boxing is, without a doubt, the most popular. However, MMA is not far behind. In the 20th century, boxing hit its peak, with boxers like Sugar Ray Robinson, Jake LaMotta, and Mohammad Ali being national superstars. Today, that status is somewhat revived with celebrity/influencer boxing.

MMA on the other hand is, at least in its current form, a relatively recent sport. Its popularity is recently-earned, and we largely have charismatic fighters like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey to thank for popularizing the sport among a broader crowd.