Nike Air Max Audacity REVIEW: Should You Buy It?

Welcome to my short Nike Air Max Audacity review! This is definitely not a very well-known shoe for ballers, but it could be very good for its low price.

This is endorsed by Anthony Davis. It’s not a legit signature, but more like Russel Westbrook endorses the Air Jordan XXX. But anyway, let’s start the Nike Air Max Audacity review, so you could find out if it suits you!


Shoes: Nike Air Max Audacity

Type: Mid Top Sneaker

Technologies: Air Max, HyperFuse

Fit: True To Size

My Rating: 6/10


  • HyperFuse upper with mesh

  • 180 ZOOM AIR unit in the heel

  • Internal heel counter for heel lockdown

  • Available in 5+ colors


So a pretty solid looking shoe to say the least. Definitely not my taste since it looks kinda bulky. But hey, everyone’s taste is different. It has a pretty high ankle collar, so you could almost call this a high top.

Color choice isn’t huge, but it’s what most “underdog” shoes have. The biggest variety is on Amazon, with about 5 colorways to choose from.


The Audacity doesn’t have much latest tech on them, but it’s enough to make it a decent basketball shoe, at least in my opinion.

A 180 Air Max unit is in the heel area for cushioning. It’s definitely not an awesome setup, but still offers a bit of impact protection and responsiveness.

HyperFuse is what mostly makes the shoe’s upper. A very sturdy and supportive material that’s probably the shoe’s strongest point.


So I’ll try to make it very quick this time.

Comfort of this shoe is good, definitely nothing to worry about. There’s not a lot of padding inside, but the one-to-one fit and a pretty sturdy construction makes up for it. There’s barely any ventilation because the whole upper is almost fully made from Fuse (HyperFuse).

Cushioning is probably the weakest point of the shoe. It’s not TERRIBLE, but in my opinion, it doesn’t really fit any player style. I mean, this is not a guard’s shoe. The cushion unit in the heel is pretty firm and has minimal impact protection. So it’s not your #1 big men’s shoe as well. But at the end of the day, I guess i would fit a medium sized versatile player.

Traction is definitely solid though. You can take these outdoors because of that durable traction pattern. Indoor play is obviously fine as well. Not the best traction, not even close, but still solid. No major slippage or wiping issues.

Support is fine as well. The biggest factor for that is the Fuse upper. They fit true to size. So you’re getting a supportive upper, a proper fit and an internal heel counter. Pretty good. Again, these won’t fit a small guard – too much restrictions on the upper.

Lastly, the materials of the upper is Fuse with mesh on the middle section. Because of a lot of Fuse, they won’t be breathable. The only spot with light mesh is the mid section, so not a lot of ventilation OR mobility. But for support/stability, they’re good.


 So the Nike Air Max Audacity is honestly something that’s not amazing. In any way. It does not offer anything special or awesome, but still delivers on decent performance all-around.

Would I recommend this to a guard? Absolutely not. Would I recommend this to a center? With a question I guess. Would I recommend this to a versatile forward? Yeah, but only if you can spend 100 dollars.


  • Durable upper

  • Traction is fine both indoors and outdoors

  • Pretty good support for everyone


  • Cushioning is lackluster, doesn’t fit any type of particular player

  • No ventilation, gets a bit annoying during long matches



It’s $40 more expensive, but it’s worth it. If you’re looking for a truly versatile shoe and something that will provide solid all-around performance with the latest tech, the Hyperdunk 2016 has got you covered.

It has ZOOM AIR cushioning, FLYWIRE and the upper is mesh with Fuse.

They’re comfortable, they have great traction that’s also durable enough for outdoors, solid cushion and plenty of support.

Alright, so I hope you found this review useful! I tried to keep it pretty short and hopefully made you make up your mind.