Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low REVIEW: The Best Version?

So I really liked how the Mid Top version of these played, so the low top should do pretty much the same, right?  Well, fans of low top basketball shoes, here’s a Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low review. Let’s find out if it’s worth buying.

I’ll talk about the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide it it’s worth the price. Let’s start the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low review

First of all, I suggest you check out the other versions of the Hyperdunk 2016: the Flyknit and the Regular. This will help you decide which one is best for you!


Shoes: Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Low

Weight: 369 g. / 13 oz

Type: Low Top

Technologies: ZOOM AIR, FLYWIRE, Fuse

Fit: True to Size

Available Colors: 4+

My Rating: 9/10


ZOOM AIR – the shoe’s cushion setup is a nice Phylon midsole and ZOOM units in the heel and forefoot areas. The same as on the Mid Top. A very versatile and overall solid setup. Nothing crazy bouncy or responsive, but gets the job done easily.

FLYWIRE – this is a cable system under the upper that’s connected to the laces for lockdown and containment. Works well just like on most Nike’s models. Very important technology.



I wasn’t a fan of the Mid’s fit. This time however, I really like how the low’s feel. They’re a bit lighter and there’s no ankle collar to get in the way. For someone who does wear low tops often, this is a very comfortable shoe.

Also, the construction is really roomy with lots of padding, so this is great option for wide footers.


So like I said, nothing awesome here, but nothing bad either. The cushion feels pretty responsive, there’s some impact protection in the heel, they’re stable, you still have some court feel because the shoe’s low to the ground.

They’re definitely not bouncy or crazy soft, so don’t expect that. Expect a relatively firm setup that does get the job done for pretty much any player or playstyle. That’s the power of Hyperdunks.


Once again, they have completely fine traction. No sliding, barely any wiping required, they gripped the floor very well in all court conditions.

The rubber also seems to be pretty durable, so this is a solid outdoor option too, just like on the Mid.


Support was AWESOME for this kind of shoe. We got FLYWIRE, a heel counter, an outrigger and a pretty wide shoe base. And the upper is supportive, along with a proper one-to-one fit.

Everything work really well and they didn’t hinder me or felt unsafe. A great setup for most players, even heavier and more explosive ones. 


Lastly, the upper is your standard mesh and Fuse on high-wear areas. Nothing unique, but nothing bad, once again. This upper is supportive, it’s pretty durable and it’s not uncomfortable.

Ventilation is mediocore, I guess. I don’t really worry about that, but I didn’t feel anything that would take away my playing experience, and that’s good enough for me.


Awesom e! I didn’t really expect the 2016 Hyperdunks to perform like this after how much the 2015’s sucked.

They’re comfortable, solid and versatile cushion, great traction, awesome support and a basic, but good upper.

These are really versatile. Even if they’re lows. If you’re a guard or even a forward, I think this are a great option.


+ Comfortable, even for wide footers
+ Great traction, durable enough for outdoors
+ Killer support in all areas


 The upper is very basic for a 2016 shoe

That’s it for the review! I hope you found it useful!

Do you like these more than the Mid or the Flyknit?