Nike KD 8 Review | Effective & Lightweight Package

Presenting you my Nike KD 8 review! Still a very popular shoe even though the latest KD 9 is out now.

We’ll take a look at the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s worth purchasing. Let’s start the Nike KD 8 review! 


Shoe: Nike KD 8

Type: Low Top Sneaker

Weight: 341g. / 11.8 oz

Fit: True to Size

Technologies: Nike ZOOM AIR, Nike FLYWIRE, Flyweave

Available Colors: 10+

My Rating: 8.5/10


The KD 8 features full-length articulated ZOOM AIR cushioning. That means the forefoot ZOOM is seperated from the heel ZOOM. A very solid looking setup on paper, but we’ll find out how it actually performs. I will say that it’s definitely not a terrible setup.

Nike FLYWIRE is there, which basically works the same on all Nike’s basketball shoes. These are cables under the upper that are connected with the shoe’s laces for lockdown & support. It’s not the best implementation because the upper is very soft, so it doesn’t really hold the cable pressure well.

Flyweave is the upper material of the shoe. Vet soft, loose and lightweight. Similar to Flyknit, Primeknit or woven.

If you still have no idea what all those tech names mean, go HERE.



If you like strong plasticy uppers (like LeBron’s or Kyrie’s), then this could be a concern. However if you prefer soft materials (like mesh, woven, this case Flyweave), then these ones are one of the best in the game.

Thanks to Flyweave, the fit will be super soft, smooth, breathable and on top of that, it will require no break-in time, so it’ll feel like it should on day one. Uppers like these aren’t durable though, so don’t take these outdoors.


A very similar cushion setup to the latest setup on the KD 9, but definitely not as good. There is a good amount of court feel and responsiveness, but I expected to feel a lot more bounce from this, which I didn’t. Almost at all.

The step transitions are really smooth, they’re stable, good amount of court feel, I’ll give it all that. But they really lack in any bounce or impact protection. Decide if this kind of setup is for you.


Traction is fantastic though. The traction pattern does its job almost perfectly. Grips the floor extremely well, didn’t have any slipping issues. Surprisingly, they’re not even sensitive to dust, so playing on a dirty court won’t be a problem.

As for outdoors, they would provide great traction, but the rubber compound isn’t durable, so they wouldn’t last long. Plus that weak upper. Definitely not an outdoor shoe.


Support is probably the highlight of the KD 8. It knows what it’s for. A very snug fit, TPU heel counter, a very wide sole base and FLYWIRE. Everything a guard or a small forward needs with no issues.

It’s still a low top though, so don’t expect it to lock your ankles. But regradless, a very solid and good support setup overall, if it fits your playstyle.


The upper is Flyweave. I personally really love these soft uppers, but that’s a personal preference. This one is soft, stretchy, breathable, light and very comfortable. Seriously, what more do you want?

Of course, they aren’t durable, but as long as you stay indoors, they should last for at least a while.


All in all, the Nike KD 8 did not disappoint in my opinion. Adding some great improvements to the already pretty good KD 7, this results in a nice all-around package.

They’re comfortable, cushion is good for a lighter player, traction is great, support is plenty and you got a very awesome Flyweave upper.

I gotta say, there are better options that are even cheaper and that’s because a year has passed from the release. That’s just how it is.


+ Great traction for indoors
+ Very comfortable and pleasant to play in
+ Awesome support


Not durable
Akward heel extension with the purpose


As much as you thought the KD 8 was good, find out just how much better the latest model is. And because of brand competition, it’s $30 cheaper!

Super awesome cushioning, traction, support and comfortable. This is something you might know want to miss.

So there you have it, the Nike KD 8 review is done. I hope you found this useful and be SURE to check out the KD 9, it’s pure awesomeness.