Nike KD 9: Details & This Shoe Will Be AWESOME

If you don’t know already, the new Nike KD 9 is almost here. Based on everything we know, it’s going to be an AWESOME performer.

So to help you out, let’s take a look at all the main details you need to know about it, which should help you make a decision before the release.


Shoe: Nike KD 9

Type: Low Top Sneaker

Release Date: June 20th, 2016

Tech: Max ZOOM AIR, FlyKnit

My Rating (based on details): 9.5/10


  • Seperate forefoot and heel Max ZOOM AIR units
  • Dynamic lacing system for lockdown
  • Two-piece FlyKnit upper with nylon underneath


They really nailed it with the looks this time, in my opinion. Definitely more solid looking than the 8th, but again, that comes down to preference.

The shoe will come in the Black/White colorway first, then expect a lot more later. Few are known, such as the USA, White/Red, Black/Blue.


This is the big one. It’s awesome to see than the shoe will get a truly premium, balanced tech setup. And it’s a clear improvement from the KD 8.

Max ZOOM AIR – meet articulated Max ZOOM units that are in the heel and forefoot areas. The KD 8 had a full-length ZOOM setup for cushioning, but this is a different deal. And it’s better – seperate articulated cushion in the forefoot and heel means way better flexibility, step transition and overall responsiveness.

Not a lot of shoes do that and that’s a shame. The outsole is very thin, so court feel should be awesome. Pair that with superb cushioning and you got yourself a serious contender for the best shoe of 2016.

FlyKnit – so the upper of the shoe will be pure FlyKnit with a nylon layer underneath. Once again, an awesome setup. FlyKnit is super soft and stretchy, so expect good mobility, where as nylon adds support and durability.

This could one of the most durable soft upper shoes to date, I can’t wait.


So we can obviously just guess, since I don’t have to shoe early. But based on everything we know and see, this could be a KILLER performer.

Judging from the narrow and slick construction, I really don’t think this will be an option for wide footers. The ankle collar is stiff, the arch are is very low and the shoelooks to be narrow.

The traction pattern looks, well, normal, but I honestly really don’t know how it’s gonna be. Traction is something one can’t determine without testing. But for durability, the rubber on it as well as density doesn’t look like it will last long outdoors. It looks very pliable, but again, who knows.

Cushioning is what I think WILL be amazing. If you’ve already seen some people who got the shoe early, cushion is awesome on these. Just judging from the tech, it’s gonna be a perfect balance between court feel and bounce.

Support could be good, but could be bad. FlyKnit isn’t supportive, but the nylon layer underneath, a heel counter and the dynamic lacing system will make sure about providing the best support possible. Therewere no problems with support on the KD 8, so I don’t think they’ll appear on the 9. Also, the ankle collar is very sturdy, so we should get proper ankle lockdown.

The upper material is brilliant, I literally have no doubt that it’s amazing. FlyKnit and nylon is a TRUE guard’s setup and it looks to be perfected. Expect solid durability, support and definitely pure comfort.


Seriously. All that for $150, count me in. Tech looks to be pretty revolutionary and premium, the materials are awesome and I expect good performance with all my heart.

You’ll be able to pick up the shoe from Nike, Amazon and Eastbay. These are the three main stores I recommend because they are excellent in prices, shipping and support. I will add links when the shoe is released and also a full review. So stay tuned!

If you have no idea what all those tech names mean, check this out: Basketball Shoes Technologies.

For know, check out the KD 8 review to get an idea what it’s up against. Hope you found this helpful, I’m truly excited about this one and I hope you are too!