Nike Kyrie 2 Review | For Speedy and Agile Players

So you want to find out if the Kyrie 2 performs well on the court? You’ve come to the right place. In this Nike Kyrie 2 review, I’ll take a look at the shoe’s tech specs, performance, comfort, materials and decide if it’s a worthy shoe.


Shoe: Nike Kyrie 2

Weight: 384 g. / 13.55 oz

Type: Mid Top

Fit: True to Size

Technologies: Nike ZOOM AIR, Fuse

Available Colorways: 5+

My Rating: 9/10


Nike ZOOM AIR is only available in the heel area of the shoe. You won’t really feel any cushioning in the rest of the foot. Oddly, there is not much else out there relating to the technologies, apart from materials. More on that in the Performance section.

Fuse is a strong upper material for enhanced durability, sturdiness and support. It does its job as intended. More on materials later.

If you still have no idea what all those tech names mean, go HERE.



Regarding comfort, as long as you’re a guard, you should be fine, there’s nothing to fear about it here. Just know that Fuse is a material that feels very sturdy, so don’t expect a knit-like feel from these.

You’ll need to break them in at first, so don’t expect them to be very comfortable for the first couple of days. But other than that, there were no issues.


Now the weakest point of the Kyrie 2 is cushioning. It almost feels like there’s none. You should definitely not expect softness, impact protection or any kind of bounce.

However it’s kind of intended to be that way – these shoes are for fast guards, like Kyrie himself, they make you stay on the ground strong, absorb fast moves effectively and keep you responsive all the time. So these shoes are pretty much incompatible with anyone other than a guard. If you’re a big – you should look somewhere else for something more soft.

Hell, even some guards wouldn’t like these, just because how firm they feel.


Straight away, the highlight of the shoe’s performance is traction. It’s unbelievable. One of the best tractions on a shoe I’ve ever experienced. Any move, any direction, you’re fully covered. The rubber compund is durable, so this is a great outdoor option.


Support is strong as well, the shoes have a wide outsole base. The whole sole is really big and made out of hard rubber. Also, you can see that it’s a bit rounded, which could sound weird, but it actually adds to the support and stability. There’s a built in heel counter for extra support. No issues like slipping or lack of containment, everything’s fine.


The materials are really a personal preference. The upper is made of Nike’s Fuse (which feels like some kind of a hard plastic) and mesh. According to Nike, this lightweight material provides effective ventilation, durability and blend-in with your feet. If you’re not a fan of soft (like woven) materials and like these hard, plasticy tops, then go for it.


The Nike Kyrie 2 is definitely not for all people, especially not for forwards or centers, not even for guards who are explosive or very athletic. However it features undeniably amazing traction and great stability on court. Their tightness and support are great for fast, light players who have developed their footwork.

The upper is hard and durable, but comes down to personal preference. All in all, the shoe is a great, cheap and effective all-in-one package for a specific type of guard. Hopefully, the next release won’t be such a narrow focus, as not all players are point guards running a 100 miles an hour to the basket.


+ Unbeatable traction, outdoors too
+ Great support & lockdown
+ Especially awesome for low-profile guards


Just for low-profile guards
Almost no cushion for bounce and impact protection

Alright, that’s it for the review! I hope you found it helpful!