Nike LeBron 12 REVIEW: Tech & Performance

Once again I decide to do a review of a shoe that’s been out for a couple of years now. The LeBron 13 is already out for a year, so why bother doing a Nike LeBron 12 review? Well, you never know in the shoe industry, sometimes an older model turns out to be way better than the never one.

We’ll take a look at the shoe’s looks, technologies, performance and price. Pricing and best stores to buy from will be at the bottom. Alright? Let’s roll.

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Shoes: Nike LeBron XII

Weight: 451 g. / 15.9 oz

Type: Mid-High Top Sneaker

Technologies: Nike ZOOM AIR, Nike FLYWIRE, Megafuse, HyperPosite

Fit: True To Size

My Rating: 7/10


  •  Megafuse upper with HyperPosite for durability

  • Five ZOOM AIR units in the forefoot and one in the heel

  • Translucent multi-directional traction pattern

  • External heel counter for heel lockdown

  • Available in 28+ colors (daaaamn!)


If you’ve seen how the LeBron 13 looks, then this is very similar. Aggressive and fancy. Those are the words I would describe the shoe with. Basically if you dig how LeBron’s shoes look, then this one is no exeption, you’ll love it. I’m personally not a fan of these, especially since I’m a guard and I like more compact, simple looking shoes.

Talking about color selection. Holy sh*t! This shoe is available in 28 colorways on Amazon. Twenty eight. That’s pretty damn crazy. Other stores don’t have that selection though, so if you’re relly picky about colors.


Right off the bat, this is a premium shoe, so expect it to have premium tech in it. And lots of it.

Nike ZOOM AIR is of course there for cushioning. Nike really didn’t hold back for this one – you have five ZOOM AIR units in the forefoot and one big unit in the heel. They should work really well, right? Well find out in the Performance section.

FLYWIRE is a layer under the upper that’s connected to it with cables. It is made to enhance lockdown and containment and to prevent any sliding inside the shoe. It works right on most Nike’s sneakers and this is probably no exeption.

Now this is interesting. So you got Megafuse as the upper material. Well what’s Megafuse? It is basically a hybrid between mesh and HyperFuse. To put it simply, it’s pretty light and stretchy (like mesh), but also really durable and supportive (like HyperFuse). That results in a killer package. Seriously, that’s how you should make an upper.

And lastly, you have HyperPosite. HyperPosite are those plastic looking plates on top of the upper in some spots. They worked beautifully on the LeBron 13 and so did on this shoe. They enhance durability in key areas to prevent them from deforming. Also, Nikey says they’re also for support, but that’s a gimmick, durability is their real purpose.


COMFORT: Comfort/fit is crucial to a shoe. If it’s not comfortable, there’s no reason for good performance. And sadly, I think this is the weakest point of the shoe. Firstly, it’s pretty damn heavy (451 g. / 15.9 oz), so it kinda feels bulky on your feet. Then those HyperPosite layers feel like plastic and it disturbs a bit in some spots. The fit itself is really tight and snug, leaving no extra space for comfort. I will say this. This shoe is definitely made for LeBron. He’s very big and very heavy, so he needs that support and soft cushioning. But for a regular guard, this just feels like a freakin’ box on your foot. It’s not unplayable or anything, but it feels weird.

CUSHIONING: Now this is definitely one of the strongest points of the shoe. That huge ZOOM AIR unit in the heel gives an awesome experience. It is soft, bouncy and provides superb impact protection. BUT, it’s not a setup for a light guard because court feel and responsiveness are minimal. It just doesn’t feel light or seemless. The units in the forefoot aren’t as plush as in the heel but you can still feel them. This setup was with big players in mind since most of their game is on the heel and not the forefoot.

TRACTION: Again, the shoe is made for LeBron James. And he plays on the most pristine, elite courts. So if you don’t have access to one, that translucent traction pattern doesn’t hold up very well. It picks up dust very fast, so rapid wiping will be essential. You could play with these outdoors, but

again, it will pick up dust and will result in sliding.

SUPPORT: Now this is where the LeBron 12 really shines. If you’re looking for a trusty shoe that will definitely hold you and all of your movements, then this is for you. External heel plate, HyperPosite layers, Megafuse upper and a snug fit. There’s no way you’re gonna roll an ankle with these 😀 Well, maybe a 90% chance that you won’t.

MATERIALS: Like I already mentioned, the upper is made of Megafuse with HyperPosite for extra reliability. It stretches fairly well, provides awesome support and it’s built nicely. But this is totally a personal preference. If you like these hard, sturdy, plasticy uppers, then this is the #1 example. If you’re more of a fan of soft, textile uppers (woven, mesh, knit), then this is the COMPLETE opposite. Don’t even think about it. The LeBron 12’s material setup is great, but keep in mind that all those sturdy uppers restrict your foot a bit and lock it in. So as I said, this is not your #1 choice for a guard.

Nike LeBron 12 Review: CONCLUSION

The LeBron 12 definitely showed promise with all that tech, looks and Nike’s advertising. Even though it’s still a good shoe, it has issues that are simply dealbreakers, at least for me. I’m not gonna rate the shoe very low because I understand that it’s made for bigs. I can’t speak for others so I’m gonna imagine it feels great for a big man.

Comfort is weird, traction is solid but very sensitive, cushioning is soft and bouncy, support is beastly and materials are awesome. 

All in all, not the best option, but not the worst. I still think big players will enjoy these, just not quick guards.


  • Solid cushioning setup with softness and impact protection in mind

  • Killer support in all ways

  • Durable and supportive material setup


  • Traction is only good for clean indoor courts

  • Feels really weird and heavy, not for guards



If you want something that’s tweaked better and catered towards more players, and you want a LeBron shoe, this is it.

The LeBron 13 has ZOOM AIR cushioning, FLYWIRE and HyperPosite layers for support & durability. The upper is mesh with HyperPosite and Fuse.

They have a much better fit, solid cushioning, superb support and a nice upper.

There you go, Nike LeBron 12 review is done. I hope I didn’t confuse you too much and hopefully you learned a thing or two.