Nike LeBron 13 Review | AGGRESSIVENESS!

Nike has put a lot of effort to improve from the previous LeBron James’s signature shoes – the LeBron XII. However, the reviews across different places are actually very mixed. Some people like them a lot, for some – it has an ugly look. So to calm you down,  here’s a Nike LeBron 13 review. We will be taking a look at its appearance, tech, performance, comfort and price levels. Let’s roll!

Shoes: Nike LeBron XIII

Weight: 413g. / 16 oz

Technologies: Nike ZOOM AIR, Nike FLYWIRE, HyperPosite 

My Rating: 8/10


This will come down to taste. As for most LeBron’s shoes, the color selection is MASSIVE. I’m talkig over 10 choices. And new ones are being release almost as we speak.

The outer material is mesh and on top of it there are these plastic looking HyperPosite layers. These are made to protect the outer material from deforming, especially on sharp movements, or someone accidentally stepping on your foot.

At the bottom you can see that the whole sole is very thick. This actually absorbs impact on steps and makes your movements feel smoother & softer.


The main highlight of the shoe’s technology is Nike’s ZOOM AIR. This is intended to work like adidas’s boost, deforming the ZOOM AIR unit in the cushioning and bouncing back to power your next movement. However after the release of D Rose 6, it’s hard to top that. So it’s not as good as adidas’s newest Boost, but it’s Nike – so it feels differently and it’s definitely not bad.

As you can see, there are two large (red) 13 mm ZOOM AIR units and then four smaller (white) ones. Nike says it’s the most developed ZOOM AIR technology yet.

HyperPosite, as I already mentioned, is a type of material that protects the mesh from various deformations. Surprisingly, it does its job well. Reviewers and users say that after many games it still perfectly holds up and prevents the outer layer from wearing down. But keep in mind that it’s a huge advertisement for Nike, as nothing lasts forever – eventually it will become just like another shoe – nothing’s unbreakable. When that’s gonna happen you’ll have to figure out yourself.

Nike FLYWIRE is a synthetic layer that goes under the mesh. This provides great stabillity on movements, keeps the shoe from any streching whatsoever. Also, it makes sure that your foot won’t accidentally slide during action. This technology results in one of the lightest LeBron shoes that were ever created. Again, this works pretty much as intended resulting in increased durabillity.


The one-piece sleeve made of breathable mesh (the black one) inside the shoe provides excellent comfort and feels like a soft sock. Feet breathe nicely inside and doesn’t suffer from tightness or painful bumps on movements.

Traction and grip are also very consistent and effective due to the hex pads on the outsole. Another improvement from LeBron XII, is the heel-to-toe motion feels proper. It’s a very smooth transition, as it should be, because of the elastic materials.

The shoes are also very light, so any position is viable here. There are some people who can’t play with light shoes, but if you’re into lights, then this is for you.

The ankle area is, as you see, pretty damn high. Of course, they’re high-top shoes, but the very top of the collar is rough and if you’re easily distracted, it could be slightly uncomfortbale feeling some cuts while playing. Support is great though.

All in all, the performance and comfort levels are high. Support is there, traction and grip are consistent, the wide range of tech provides extra comfort. You shouldn’t be disappointed, although keep in mind that any shoe can feel crappy at first times, but be willing to give it time, as it will blend with your feet eventually.

Nike LeBron 13 Review: FINAL VERDICT

Let’s wrap up the Nike LeBron 13 review.

These are easily one of the best shoes in 2015. They offer great technologies, performance and comfort. If you’re willing to give them time, then they will shine. Personally for me, their look is off to me, but that’s just my opinion. Prices can also be too big, unless you’re willing to spend over $200. Overall, as expected, the Nike LeBron XIII did not disappoint with it’s release.


  • Excellent grip and traction

  • Nike ZOOM AIR does it’s job well

  • Durable

  • Offers a lot of comfort and confidence


  • Slightly overpriced

  • Ankle collar could be uncomfortble for some people

  • The design could be too distracting for some people

This being a pretty good model, check out my picks for the BEST LEBRON SHOES!

Hope you enjoyed this Nike LeBron 13 review and found it informative.