Nike’s Secret Success to Instagram

Nike is a global name with an instantly recognizable image. Its famous swoosh logo and “Just Do It” slogan is now indelibly associated with the culture, and its expansion into retailing has landed the company firmly in the realm of lifestyle marketing. It’s no wonder, therefore, that Nike is also dominating on social media. You are likely familiar with Nike through its presence on Instagram. 

Possessing more than 83 million fans worldwide, the athletic apparel giant is one of the top 20 most followed accounts on this platform out of almost one billion. This immense reach is reflected in their massive engagement. Further in this article, we will discuss Nike’s social media strategy to gain effective success in the market.

Strategy Nike Uses For Social Media Appearance: 

Nike has an impressive presence on social media, especially on Instagram. With a massive following of 179 million accounts, it ranks among the Top 20 most followed Instagram accounts worldwide. 

Additionally, compared to other brands, Nike is the second most followed on the platform after National Geographic – making them an absolute powerhouse in Instagram marketing. 

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Here are some of the effective strategies which Nike implements for marketing and advertisement:

Top-Notch Customer Support 

Nike has hundreds of employees in its different departments, who sometimes struggle to collaborate and stay connected. To overcome this challenge, all departments are briefed on the messages that must be relayed via Instagram. This unified approach helps them stay consistent regarding content, voice, and hashtags. 

Additionally, theirs is a selective approach to participating in conversations since they cannot take part in every conversation that comes their way. They focus on conversations that can help many customers. 

It is an effective strategy since it signals to others the response given, decreasing the possibility they will reach out for the same information. The team also meets frequently to discuss campaigns and answer the anticipated questions which can arise. By planning, the team saves time and can be more productive.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Personalized Mode For Customer Acquisition:

Nike takes an individualized approach to connect with their audience, utilizing extensive training and education for customer care representatives to develop a personal touch in line with the brand. The team uses it as a coaching metaphor, noting that the customer care team is the “assistant coach” who is more relatable and engaging, while the head coach is the brand itself. 

As such, one of Nike’s central focuses is to empower employees to craft their own experience when connecting with customers, provided they keep the company’s ethos in mind. This approach creates a cohesive, consistent experience for the audience, which helps Nike thrive as a brand.

Extended Community Support: 

Nike is utilizing various digital tools to connect with their fans and customers. They use social media, mobile apps, gamification, and shareable content to create meaningful connections and foster increased engagement and brand recognition. 

By creating an authentic dialogue with their customers, Nike can generate an organic word-of-mouth marketing strategy that reaches a broad audience. By creating a natural community environment, 

Collaborative Social Media Engagement: 

Nike has achieved impressive online success with 318 profiles serving different parts of the world and catering to products and services of all kinds. Nike has effectively spread its reach across all major social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. 

They have invested in creating tailored pages for every product, explicitly designed to meet the requirements and preferences of their different target demographics. This strategy has reaped positive rewards, putting Nike at the top of the game in terms of social media marketing success. 

For instance, their Football page on Facebook is among the most followed, with 44 million fans, while the brand’s initial Instagram account has a maximum followers of 92 million. From January 01, 2017, to August 31, 2019, we looked at the numbers of Nike’s primary social media profiles across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Continuous Campaigns:

Nike had two main campaigns in 2017 that generated a lot of social media interest concerning the brand: Breaking2 and Equality. Breaking2 featured three global marathon running champions attempting to run an unheard-of 26.219 miles within two hours. 

Nike posted five posts on Facebook, a live-streaming program, and received 5.4 million views. The Equality campaign was released while Black History Month in Feb 2017 and featured a 90-sec video clip starring LeBron James and Serena Williams with a commentary of Michael B Jordan. 

This campaign gained a lot of attention due to its timing after the broadcast of Trump’s immigration ban. The insights show that these two campaigns were the most successful of the six campaigns Nike ran during this period.

Connecting Marketing Content: 

Nike has taken a unique approach to content creation regarding its social media posting, forgoing a regular design in favor of topical release. Whenever their ambassadors are participating in universal sports events or running a campaign, Nike is especially active on their social media pages. 

However, the brand has experienced a sharp decline in the content posted since 2012; with an average of just four monthly posts in 2017, this number dropped even further to none in 2018 after a post in August. It’s clear that rather than focusing on its products, Nike has chosen to place their athletic spokespeople at the forefront of their content, using storytelling techniques to humanize the brand and communicate their core values through visuals.


Nike prioritizes two crucial areas of their marketing strategy, Digital marketing (focusing on outreach) and Customer service (working on maintaining relationships). These two teams work solely to interact with and respond to customers adequately. It is paramount that Nike speaks humanly and continually seeks to improve that. They focus on effectively communicating with people in a way that resonates with them, though this process requires a lot of effort and staying on top of the latest trends.