Outdoor Games for Kids to Play

It is always a great thing to organize outdoor games for your kids within your immediate environment or while on vacation. There is much importance attached to these games and these include agility, ability to work in groups and pairs, high level of concentration, and efficient eye-hand coordination amongst many other benefits.

The healthy companionship, love-filled atmosphere, and wonderful memories created from games are lifelong. We shall drive through some outdoor games including non-sports outdoor games and outdoor racket sports you can organize for your kids.

Outdoor Games for Kids to Play

Several outdoor games exist for your kids to enjoy. There are even some that you can play both indoor and outdoor just like pickleball. But make no mistake in buying pickleball paddles. Make sure to read the best pickleball paddles review. Interestingly, the needed items for these games are not far-fetched because you can get them easily around you. Undoubtedly, you will fall in love with one or two as you enjoy this collection of outdoor games for your kids. Common examples include the following:

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a popular game that virtually all individuals have participated in. This game is interesting because it allows children to search for an object or person in a hidden place.

Majorly, players count the agreed figures i.e. 10, 20, 50, etc. after which the round is over. If a person or an object is hidden, everyone goes in search of it. The player who sees the person or the object wins the round.

There are no pieces of equipment needed before organizing a hide and seek game.


The game of squash requires lots of energy because it gives room for a one-on-one opponent. In other words, your child plays against a single opponent.

Also, squash enables your kids to develop proficiency in hand-eye coordination, physical fitness, brainpower, etc. In line with this, the game requires maximum concentration from your kids to win.

The players in a game of squash hit the ball above the line as it bounces against the wall back to the opponent. This is done interchangeably as they swap courts. Any player that wins during a rally is awarded a point. Usually, squash is a game of five rounds.

The fouls include when the ball hits the outline or the tin line, when the ball bounces twice or more before a player hits it, when a player serves wrongly or when the ball hits the top of the court line.

Beach Tennis

Beach tennis involves using rackets, more than two players, and other characteristics of the volleyball game. If your kids enjoy visiting the beach often, this game is additional fun for them.

Comparatively, beach tennis has some rules and skills that are found in volleyball games. The major difference is that beach tennis uses tennis rackets and a rubber ball, while volleyball deals with the bare hands of the players.

The two team players face each other, while a net (higher than a traditional tennis net) divides them. A foul play gives a point either when the ball lands on the court of the opponent, when the ball lands outside the lines of the opposite court, when the ball hits the net or when a player or the team intentionally misleads the others during the game.


Hopscotch is a non-sports outdoor game that kids are delighted to participate in.

Your kids can draw their preferred pattern of the hopscotch game on the floor. The pattern is numbered according to their preference. The game entails throwing a pebble in the box, after which a player will jump through boxes in the drawn pattern. This is done by the players one after another.

The player with the highest successful throwing of the pebble in the box wins the game.

Table Tennis

Mostly, table tennis involves single players. However, in recent developments, table tennis has grown to be played in teams. Some people refer to table tennis as ping pong.

Like tennis, ping pong requires accuracy, technicality, good spinning, and strategy. Table tennis is played with plywood rackets and ping pong balls on ping pong tables. While serving, a player makes sure that the ball bounces (over the net) as it touches his side of the table before hitting the opponent’s surface. Learn more about that here.

Fouls award points and the fouls include when a player fails to serve accurately (except let) when the ball did not hit the table before hitting it, inability to hit the ball before it lands on the surface two times or when a player hits the ball twice.

Where Does This Leave You?

A good sporting experience brings stronger bonds within the family. Outdoor games help not only in exercising the body but also provide varieties of development like enhancement of group efforts, accuracy, encouraging team spirit, etc. The games discussed in this peace can help you achieve all these and more while your kids have fun playing games with you or their friends.