Popular basketball websites to follow

Basketball is amongst one of the most followed sporting events across the world. While numerous outlets offer great basketball news and information, there are those with intensive reviews that make them more factual and reliable than others. If you fancy your gambling chances, then you can head up to a reputable, and legit casino that offers a wide selection of games such as JackpotCity online casino. Here is a collection of some of the popular basketball websites for the ardent follower.


HoopsHype is probably one of the most popular website providing basketball news from around the world. The site offers day to day content based on popular basketball news from various authoritative publications around the world covering international, major, and minor leagues news. It even goes deeper in providing sections on player salaries, NBA drafts and transactions. HoopsHype also features articles and blog posts from guest NBA greats and respected columnists. If there was such a thing as the bible of basketball, HoopsHype would be a major contender.


If you are only interested in big basketball news, then you should bookmark this website. While HoopsHype is for the fan with more time on their hands, RealGM is for those with little spare time. In addition to its knowledgeable columnists, RealGM looks for popular links and also provides its users with “GM resources,” a bunch of tools and resources used by real managers to keep track on performances of their players. Users can then use this information to make bets, predictions, or increase their basketball knowledge.


If you are an ardent follower, then you know the intense competition that is the NBA draft. In this site, you get tons of information on individual players and their chances of being drafted into a team. It will list how scouts view players in terms of their strengths and weaknesses and how they are graded. You can also follow how the draft unfolds on this website.

Patricia’s Various Basketball Stuff

As its name suggests, this website provides basic basketball news and information. It even goes as far as archiving news from previous years and provides information such as scores, standings, and roasters. It is a great site to look at when searching for information and it even goes as far as documenting salaries from the 1985-86 season. You can find the history of year-by-year drafts, retired NBA player numbers, play-offs, and All-Star games, among other types of information. However, a downside for this website is that it is text-only with no pictures being included.


While it allows users to keep track of what is happening in the world of basketball, this website also provides additional resources for basketball followers. Users can access more than half-a-million player databases from around the world. Agents can also promote their players on this site, while users can also view and apply for basketball job openings from various parts of the world.