Ranked League of Legends Accounts For Sale

League of Legends has hit yet another great success and broke all records with their concurrent players and the event Arcane. This encouraged the rise and development of the League of Legends account market to great lengths.

The League of Legends marketplace is slightly different compared to other games. In this marketplace, you won’t find skins or in-game items – you will discover hand-levelled League of Legends accounts ready for the new season. While there are a lot of marketplaces, we are going to bring you the ultimate ones for the best ranked League of Legends accounts.

There are 2 types of League of Legends ranked accounts sold every minute – low division smurfs and high ranked accounts.

In the following article, we will make you Challenger in terms of knowledge when you’re ready to buy a new LoL account.

Stop & Think Before Buying a LoL Ranked Account

When searching to buy a Ranked League of Legends account, you have to be specific on what you want and what to expect. There is no UNDO button, and these are your hard-earned money on the line.

But not to worry – we’re about to execute all of these red alerts with our Demacian Justice and brighten your divine path to the new League of Legends ranked account.

Before hitting the ‘buy’ button, you should immediately check the account’s MMR/ELO and see where it stands. League of Legends ranked accounts sold in ELO hell will only bring you frustration and bad games, so you better check this factor. The easy way to do this is simply visiting op.gg or Whatismymmr as the most reliable sites to check these important stats.

Check the number of champions and how much Blue Essence the account comes with. Not all champions cost the same, so you will have the advantage to lower your price if the number of champions is high, but they are all low-priced ones and none of the high-tier ones that cost 4,800+ Blue Essence. The same goes with skins and their tier of rarity.

One last thing is to check whether the ranked League of Legends account on sale is hand-levelled. You don’t want any League of Legends ranked account that’s levelled up with the help of programs or bots, as those accounts are prone to getting banned.

Where to Find League of Legends Ranked Accounts

The choice is tough, wide, and mostly unreliable. However, we will only recommend secure websites to make things easier for you and help you find the perfect fit for the upcoming LoL season. Start anew with your League of Legends ranked account and get the best prices on the following marketplaces.


This is a site recommended by most gamers as it has earned respect with their years of experience and safety. G2g is a marketplace with thousands of gamers that sell their accounts. When browsing in the wares of G2g, you have to be careful and search for a verified seller with great reviews – this guarantees you a flawless experience.

You may enter your preferred price and filter out the regions on the League of Legends accounts that suit your needs. Be careful because some of the regions have a lower price because they are on another unpopular server, and it will take time and Riot Points to change that. Once you choose your region, you will be able to play with gamers only from that server.

The site is filled with hand levelled accounts which brings you the best protection against a suspension. Also, something to keep an eye on is to always change the email once you purchase the account. You don’t want the seller retrieving their password and taking the account back through their email, do you?

At G2g, you can find low division accounts in iron and bronze for a fairly generous price. While ranked accounts surpassing Platinum and Diamond are getting a little bit more expensive – they usually have a bunch of skins and multiple high-tier champions. Therefore, buying a high-tier League of Legends account is a win-win for both you and the seller.

Unranked Smurfs

Unrankedsmurfs.com speaks quality with their honest customer reviews and a 5-star rating. Navigating through their stylish website is straightforward, and you will find the fitting League of Legends ranked account in no time. On average, unrankedsmurfs offers the highest amount of Blue Essence per account.

Based on our great research efforts and expertise on the subject, the site is completely safe for all users worldwide. They provide all buyers with instant delivery, secure payment options, tons of Blue Essence, an anti-ban policy, and spotless customer support. They boast the latest encryption methods and deliver the accounts ultra-fast if not instant after the transaction.

Boost Royal

Don’t let the name confuse you – this is not only a boosting service – this is also a spotless League of Legends account marketplace.

BoostRoyal treats its customers like royalty, and they are one of the best-rated sites from customers with a flawless score.

Their filtering menu and account customization will help you narrow down the account you’re looking for effortlessly. You can choose the region, rank, price range, champions, account role, skins, level, and everything you can think of. That’s what makes Boost Royal one of our top contenders on the list.

With their awesome UI design, you can see every account’s details that you need. Last season stats, champions, current ranking, Blue Essence, skins, Riot Points, and so on.

Become a Royalty and get the best League of Legends ranked account to dominate the Summoners Rift in the upcoming season!