Reasons Some Choose to Buy/Not to Buy Adidas D Rose 773 Shoes

As an ode to one of the greatest NBA players with unmatched talents, the Adidas D Rose 773 shoes pay tribute to the living legend Derrick Rose. If you have witnessed Rose’s talents from the comfort of your couches, then it is time to know about evolution in shoe manufacturing – and that is, the launch of this amazing line of sneakers.

Released under the Adidas imprint, this line of sneakers dedicated to Derrick Rose has undergone several changes over time. It has now become the most high-performance shoes.

Adidas D Rose 773 Series

This series was initially considered more affordable by the masses but then got discontinued for a long time. However, recently, among one of the best few things that happened in 2020, the Adidas D Rose 773 came up with an updated variety of their series. Similar to the previous sneakers in the Rose 773 series, the newly launched pieces had the same spacey herringbone traction pattern that makes up the outer sole.

Also, the cushioning technology supported by a full-length bounce is present in the newly launched pieces. The name of this series pays homage to the hometown of Derrick Rose, as 773 is the area code of Chicago.

Reasons to Buy/Not to Buy D Rose 773

1. D Rose 773 II

Reasons to buy

  • Reviews claim that the traction on this specific pair of shoes is exceptional. Once you get to break in the shoe a couple of times, the traction will amaze you.
  • Wearing this shoe does not feel like a burden. It is a great lightweight shoe.
  • Unlike the previous versions, D Rose 773 II does not have the SprintFrame – which, according to several wearers, is the best feature as it can now accommodate many types of players according to their comfort.
  • The PU insole is also one of the winning features of this model.
  • This shoe is more flexible as it is made of the PureMotion+ technology.
  • The upper material of the shoes is made from mesh, which is great for fitting in all the types of feet breaking in.
  • This shoe has SprintWeb in the upper body, so it fits like it is custom-made for every consumer.

Reasons Not to Buy

  • The most common negative review about this shoe is that it runs narrow.
  • The material, according to a lot of wearers, is not very durable.
  • These shoes might not suit or last long if used on rough surfaces repeatedly, which kills the basic concept of sneakers.

2. Adidas D Rose 773 III

Reasons to Buy

  • D Rose 773 III shoes have much better traction than the D Rose 773 II. The traction is perfect for all your outdoor adventures
  • Buying this shoe is very easy as it is mostly true to size.
  • Due to a rigid upper material that gives extra strength to the wearer, D Rose 773 III is considered a very durable basketball shoe.
  • The players appreciate how lightweight it is despite being sturdy.
  • If you wear ankle braces, you should go for this shoe as it has enough room for fitting feet with ankle braces on.
  • The shoe is made with a breathable mesh material that has perforations on the sidewall. This allows for maximum airflow, keeping the foot cool.

Reasons Not to Buy

  • This shoe is also often termed narrow.
  • Some wearers have reviewed that the traction and cushioning of this shoe takes a lot of time to break-in.
  • This shoe does not have perfect traction as users have complained that dust caught up in the denser areas of the shoe lowers the performance.

3. Adidas D Rose 773 IV

Reasons to Buy

  • It has a commendable traction pattern with strong stopping power.
  • It does not squeak much, so it is perfect for people who prefer a noiseless experience.
  • The bounce in this shoe is very good.
  • It has a mesh upper that makes breathing air in and expelling heat out much easier.
  • It is a very lightweight shoe that contributes to effortless running and sprinting.
  • The addition of the straps at the rear panel enhances the look of the shoe.

Reasons Not to Buy

  • According to some reviews, this shoe has a rubber outsole, which is not mostly durable for outdoor ventures.
  • Reviewers also complain that the make of the shoe is very ill-fitting. There is a lot of dead space in the rear area (toe box).
  • This shoe also posits fitting problems regarding the ankle lockdown.
  • The grooves built on the outsole might catch dirt very easily and hence result in lesser traction.

4. Adidas D Rose V

Reasons to Buy

  • This shoe is perfect for outdoor basketball games.
  • The traction on this shoe, along with impressive stopping power, is unmatched.
  • It is equipped with a full-length bounce; thus, making its cushioning work for any position of the wearer.
  • It has an amazing true to size fit.
  • It offers exceptional support and stability, according to numerous wearers.

Reasons Not to Buy

  • The materials used in this shoe are quite basic and do not seem very durable.
  • The traction catches a lot of dirt, which in turn impacts its performance.


The relaunch of the Adidas D Rose series by introducing the 773 series is one of the best things that have happened to sports lovers. The variety of the shoes is commendable – especially with the D Rose 773 V, the sneakers’ quality has improved a lot. However, the least number of negative reviews is for D Rose 773 IV, and that is why it is one of the most popular shoes in the entire series.

Negative reviews or comments aside, the D Rose 773 series is best for outdoor activities. It might also be a little less affordable than it was initially; it is worth every penny. The best thing is that these shoes qualify as an excellent gift to anyone you think would appreciate it, especially basketball fans.