Scooterball and 5 other fun games for PE

We all remember the physical education class in elementary school. Do you remember wondering what you will do when you go to the gym? Imagine going to the gym and seeing a parachute lying on the gym floor. The best day ever, right?

For children, the thrill of a parachute is like a birthday and Christmas on the same day.

The only team that can withstand the same pressure is the scooter. We played with scooters and my students went crazy. Sometimes I force them to use breathing techniques to calm themselves down. However, like parachutes, scooters can be difficult equipment in classrooms. They are convenient for any teacher to use or teach together. Usually, this is due to a lack of ideas on how to use them.

Here are 6 skateboarding and scooter games that interest your students!

1. Scooterball

Requirements: For safety reasons, students should know how to ride a scooter properly.

Recommended level: 4-5 years old

Materials needed: hula hoop, nerf ball (or another soft foam ball), and scooter. By the way, if you still haven’t bought a scooter, go to Go2scooter.

How to play:  Place the balls in the center of the game area. The balls can be arranged or held together. Every student has a scooter and a hula hoop. The purpose of this course is for each student to pick up the ball (in the center of the playing field), put the ball back in place, and then put it in the ring (the ring should be spread out across the playing area).


  • Students can only catch or steal the ball at a time.
  • Students must not collide with the scooter.
  • The ring cannot be protected or moved.
  • It is forbidden to throw the ball into the ring.

Option: Change the student’s location. Instead of working with a team, you can add an option that allows classmates to pick up the ball from other students’ balls. After putting the ball in the basket, any other children participating in the game can have a classmate remove the ball from the basket. The students cannot protect their basket.

2. Jellyfish Tag Scooter Game

The jellyfish day roller skating competition is the main event of the day. The reason why this scooter play is so great is that you can use it in any classroom.

Preparation: When students enter the gymnasium, assign the scooter to about two-thirds of the class. Create a group of 4 people and ask them to hold the parachute. These groups are now jellyfish.

How to play: The students on the scooter avoid being hit by the jellyfish. If caught, they will leave the game on a scooter. To play the game again, students have to perform a certain number of specific exercises (the number of exercises and repetitions is entirely up to you).

The game is adapted from the exercises in the “Great Game Handbook”

3. Manual Spaghetti and Meatball Skateboarding Game

This activity is very similar to Jellyfish Day, but now the chaser is no longer the jellyfish (parachute), but the noodles (spaghetti) and small OMNIKIN balls. (Or big balls) are meatballs.

How to play: Some students carry pasta on a scooter. The students rolled meatballs in the gym. Once enabled, students will exit the game, complete 5-10 activities, and then re-enter. For a few minutes, then switch the labels of pasta and meatballs. Remember, the number of markers will depend on your class size.

4. Scooter Boats

This scooter activity is very suitable for teamwork and collaboration.

Preparation: The number of boats you play depends on the number of foldable exercise mats. Filter and place 4-5 students in each pot.

How to play: To make the mat move, students place two scooters under the mat and sit on them like chairs. The first task is to drive the boat through the stadium without hitting a wall or other boats. The second task is to play a game called “Pirates”. All students on the boat can help collect items (wool balls) from the middle of the gymnasium by manipulating the boat with their feet. Each boat can only collect one treasure at a time.

Play for a while and see how many treasures each pirate ship can collect. The third task is to have two students sit up with their legs raised while the other student will drive the boat through the gym without falling. It can also be used with pirate games. The final task is to play a game called “Sea Battle”. Spread cannonballs (styrofoam balls) all over the stadium. The captain drove the boat through the stadium and collected shells for the battleship he started. If the cone of your battleship is knocked down or shot down, please change the pilot (captain).

5. Hungry, hungry hippo scooter game

Preparation: Divide your class into three groups. Put these bands at the heart of the gym. Each team must have a scooter and a net. Place the ball in the middle or on the other side of the gymnasium.

How to play: The students lie face down on the scooter, the second player is the driver, holding the two legs (hippo) of the scooter. In response to the signal, the driver pushes the hippo toward the center to collect as many objects (balls) as possible. ), because you can use the bucket until all objects disappear or the specified time elapses. Ask the third player to count the items as they collect them. Play until every student is lined up. Driver, collector, and counter.

6. Fitness 500 Scooter Game

In the center of the oval, list activities for students. Usually, I have 10.

How to play: At the signal light, the students stay behind the cone for the first practice. While the students practiced, the other two students walked on the oval on the skateboard. Ask one student to sit cross-legged on the scooter while the other student puts his hands behind his back. Do all 10 exercises. Before playing these roller skating games, you need to make sure to follow the basic rules of roller skating games to ensure the safety of students.