Season results in Italian football: How it was?

What are the main Italian football events of the 2020/2021 season? How was the Italian championship, who received the Italian Football Cup? Who can be considered the best player this year?

Season results in Italian football: How it was?

Many fans are interested in season results in Italian football: How it was? Italy is a country with old, incredibly developed football traditions. This is not surprising, because, in the past, the national team became the world champion 4 times. The Italians have not been very lucky for the past few years, nevertheless, they always show very spectacular and beautiful games. The 2020/2021 season is no exception.

Italian Championship Results: Serie A

20 teams took part in the Serie A Italian Championship this year. The undisputed champion for the first time in many years was the team Internationale, or as it is also called Inter. Today it is the most awarded team in the history of Italy. It played 38 games this season, 28 of which ended in victory. As a result, the team earned a record number of points – 91, which secured the victory in The Italian championship.

For the second year, the team has been coached by the famous coach Antonio Conte, which has already got great results in the form of a victory in Serie A. The coach paid special attention to maintaining the fighting spirit, which was seen in the matches against “This year the 74th edition of the Italian Cup took place. Bologna and Verona, as well as in the selection of the team. During his work, new players appeared, such as Ashraf Hakimi and Ivan Perisic, they became the property of the team.

In second place is Milan, in third – Atlanta, and only in fourth – last year’s champion Juventus. Although they were not able to get the championship in Serie A, they managed to prove themselves well, so they entered the Champions League. The last line was taken by the once-famous club Parma, which has now descended into Serie B.

Who won the Italian Cup this year?

This year the 74th edition of the Italian Cup took place. On May 19, the final of the competition took place, and as a result, the Juventus team became the winner of this season.

In the final battle, 2 powerful teams met – Juventus and Atalanta. This match was quite spectacular and showed all the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. It remains quite controversial, as many still consider the victory of Juventus not deserved. The thing is that in the first half the goal was scored with a clear violation of the rules, to which the referees closed their eyes. In the second half, the referees also did not pay attention to the tough play of Juventus, where the players often violated the rules. The fans noticed too hard tackles and elbows in the face from Chiellini and Cuadrado, aimed at the Ukrainian Ruslan Malinovsky.

The only thing that both fans and experts agree with is that Atlanta proved to be not a very strong opponent, because in the second half it could not create really dangerous situations. As a result, we got a match in which only the first 28 minutes were really beautiful and spectacular.

Despite all the controversy, we have to admit that Juventus showed itself at a high level.

Who is named the best player in Italy this year?

It was quite difficult to determine the best player in Italy this year, as many players have shown good results this season. Nevertheless, Romelu Lukaku was voted as the best player in the 2020/2021 championship in Italy. The Belgian plays for Inter Milan and plays in attack.

Romelu Lukaku is tall and has a good physique, however, such massiveness does not prevent him from developing great speed from the start. As a result, not a single player was able to block him for the entire season, which was one of the decisive factors that allowed Inter to get the long-awaited victory in the Serie A championship. He shows extreme accuracy in scoring goals and assists, which also deserves respect.

During this season, Romelu Lukaku received 35 points, thereby overtaking his closest rival Cristiano Ronaldo by 3 points. This result was achieved thanks to the hard work under the guidance of coach Antonio Conte, who placed great bets on this player.

What are the main events that stand in your memory?

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the cancellation of several matches, the past year has been quite busy and fans have something to remember.

Juventus is bringing back their old coach Allergi. Under his leadership, the team received the Italian Cup 4 times, the Italian Super Cup 2 times, and won the Italian Championship 5 years in a row. This year it was announced that the legendary coach has again signed a contract with the club, on which he will work until 2025. It is expected that this will allow the team to improve their position.

The replacement of the coaching staff will take place at Inter as Antonio Conte announced that he was leaving his beloved club. Experts are already calculating what losses await the team. This decision was made due to disagreements with the club’s management, which decided to reduce his salary.

Not without a scandal. Several leading English, Spanish and Italian clubs have announced the formation of their association called the Super League. This event caused a huge resonance in the football community, as a result, most of the teams refused to participate, only Juventus, Barcelona, and Real remained in it. The Super League filed against FIFA and UEFA in the European Court, accusing these associations of violating competition law. Negotiations are underway to remove the above teams from the list.

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