Short Guide on how to make Money from Basketball

Let’s face it, not all of us basketball freaks are going to be the next Lebron James and make millions off of the sport we love. It’s a massively competitive scene that requires uncountable years of practice and natural talent to get far in.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t at least have some fun with the sport in a semi-professional sense. That is why we have concocted this small guide for you who are interesting in using your knowledge and interest in basketball to make a little bit of coin. Strap your seatbelts, and let’s get cracking!

Sports Betting – A Test of Knowledge

If you are an avid enjoyer of anything basketball, you probably also have extensive knowledge about the unusual rules of the game, the composition of various teams, big and influential profile players and much more.

All of this information might not seem very useful at first, but if you want to try your hand at sports betting, and making some money off of it, then this information is going to make all the difference.

Making a solid and sound bet requires you to have sufficient knowledge about the teams competing. Have they played each other before and what were the results? Who are playing for the teams this time around and could that make a difference?

The Denver Post has this useful article,, that details some of the best sites to make your bets on. If you’re looking to turn a profit with your basketball knowledge, you might as well do it at the best place.

Investing in the Teams

Just like you can invest in big tech brands such as Apple or Microsoft you can also invest in sports teams.

Basketball teams garner the attention of the entire country with lots of screen time, merchandise, and sponsorships. Naturally, this means that the teams also have value based on the value of the players, their revenue from matches/ticket sales and sponsorships etc.

And just like regular companies, teams have their ups and downs during tournaments and seasons. This means that the value is prone to shift quite a lot.

If a team seems to be headed for a great season with new players and great results it might be a great idea to start investing. If the season keeps going great, then the value will rise. This gives you an opportunity to sell and turn a profit.

And if a team is doing poorly through a season, then it might be a good idea to grab some stocks quickly as well. The price will be lower, so you can buy more. Hopefully the team will climb back up again and net you a nice profit.

Again, this is something that requires extensive knowledge of the game. Making predictions like this is not pure guesswork. It always builds on careful consideration, and you are only really able to do that if you know enough about the sport.