Should You Get Paul George Shoes?

Paul George is a famous NBA player who got his first signature shoes from Nike in September 2016, known as PG-1. Paul had played six seasons in the league; he had to wait a long time for these shoes’ contract to be finalized and made.

It took Nike three years to make Paul George’s signature shoes. The first series of these shoes came out in September 2016, and they quickly became popular. After that, George decided to launch the second series, and just like the first one, it also got trendy. So he decided to advance it up to 4 series.

The popularity of these shoes is mainly due to NBA player Paul George’s influence and fame. The PG shoes are made from high-quality materials and are suitable for everyone as well as athletes. These signature shoes are still as trendy today as they were in the past, and most NBA players are often seen wearing them.

Reasons for Buying Paul George Shoes


One of the main reasons why you should get PGs is the fact that it can last long. These shoes are made with the finest quality materials, designed to be long-lasting, and provide their wearers with the best experience. They won’t break or get torn easily, which is one of the best things about it, making it worthy of consideration.

Zoom Technology

Paul George Shoes feature zoom technology and provide the right cushioning that gives the stability and comfort you need for performing athletic activities like running, exercising, playing basketball, etc. With this incredible technology, these shoes give you the stability to move in any direction you want without any problems.

Outsole Patterns

The PG shoes also have a distinctive multidirectional outsole pattern that most people, especially athletes, admire a lot. These outsole patterns are the essential feature of these shoes as they give them an excellent grip. An athlete’s performance depends on these soles as it helps them force stop immediately while playing sports like basketball and prevents them from slipping.


The PG shoes provide excellent upper ventilation so that air can easily flow through them and reduce the smell and the amount of sweat while you move. That is also a reason why most people praise these shoes.


PG shoes are affordable and provide the best cushioning to the feet. They are significant in price and value; anyone on a budget can easily buy them. These shoes are less expensive than most shoe brands, but they provide top-notch features compared to their budget-friendly price range.

High-Quality Materials

These shoes have a one bootie construction and use high-quality materials on the rear area that does not easily stretch as time passes, hence giving you the peace of mind of them lasting long and not falling apart quickly.

Low-Cut Design

These shoes have a simple low cut design and excellent forefoot straps that attract many new buyers and sneakerheads. These shoes look great both on and off-court and can be worn at any time or on any occasion.


These PG shoes have adequate cushioning that provides impact protection. They have a setup with phylon and zoom unit in the forefoot section. They have a design similar to Air Soles that are in production since 1994. These air sole units don’t have a Zoom’s spring, so you should pair it with foam as it feels more comfortable instead of springy.

Additional Lockdown Grip

The foot straps of PG shoes provide an additional lockdown and grip for the people who like to play aggressively on the court. They are equipped with Flywire technology that allows you to move in any direction smoothly without worrying about sliding or slipping.

Where to Buy
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All the Series of Paul George Shoes:

1. Paul George 1 (PG 1)

Nike released Paul George 1 or PG-1 shoes in September 2016. Tony Hardman was the man who created these shoes; he used coveted Nike Zoom Crusaders, which he also designed as the fitting base for PG 1. The shoe’s traction also has a specialized pattern etched onto its sole, which looks like a fish scale included in the shoes due to Paul’s love for fishing.

2. Paul George 2 (PG 2)

Nike released Paul George 2 or PG 2 in February 2018. These were the second signature shoes of Paul George. They released it as a special edition in the “PlayStation” colored theme; since then, there have been many more colored themes and styles of these shoes. The shoes were designed by the same creator, Tony Hardman, who created the first PG shoes.

3. Paul George 2.5 (PG 2.5)

The Paul George 2.5 or PG 2.5 shoes came into the market when Paul George and PlayStation made a deal and released PG 2.5 or Paul George x PlayStation custom edition Nikes. These shoes became an instant hit. They also released the “PG 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway” edition; the full details of these shoes are available on the PlayStation website blogs made by Paul George himself.

4. Paul George 3 (PG 3)

Nike released Paul George 3 or PG 3 shoes as the fourth signature shoes of Paul George in January 2018. They had a lower-cut design and lightweight body. Nike released it in a special NASA Colorway edition, and this unique colorway idea inspired Paul’s home town of Palmdale in recreating it with such colors. The shoe has also been designed in different colored themes and designs, some of which are on the way.

5. Paul George 4 (PG 4)

Nike released Paul George 4 or PG 4 shoes in January 2020. These are the fifth edition of the PG Nike shoe series that used Nike Air Strobel, which gives your feet a significant increase in stability and comfort compared to the Nike Air Zoom Cushioning. These shoes will perfectly fit on your feet and provide a cloud-like feeling.

Paul George 4s are the best PG Nike shoes to date as they are the newest, most popular, and most bought PG Nike shoes. These shoes provide shear stability and comfort and are designed to satisfy customers of all kinds.

Moreover, these shoes also have a circular traction pattern that helps prevent dust from getting stuck on shoes. However, compared to the other versions of these shoes, these report mid heels slippage and sliding off footbed on sharp lateral cuts; other than that, the PG4’s are stable shoes that perform best for lighter players who don’t rely on explosive lateral cuts.

Paul George Shoes – One of the Best Selling Shoes

Whether you are a sneakerhead or not, you should definitely check out Paul George’s signature Nike shoes. They’re not only made with the highest quality materials but are quite reliable and durable. Crafted with the best design, they prove to be the most comfortable shoes that help lock your feet tight and seal in the moisture present on the feet.

Regardless of which version of the PGs you’ll buy, you’ll end up having a great pair of sneakers that is sure to please you and satisfy you with the best experience.