Sport During Studying at College: Where to Find Time on It and Which Section to Choose

Health, sports, and cognitive abilities have a close relationship. Many environmental factors such as automobile exhaust, the rhythm of the big city, studies, and work negatively impact the human body, destroying its health. And t’s essential to improve your health by eating right and exercising, especially if you have to study.

Why is it so important to do sports?

Firstly, sport can strengthen the musculoskeletal system. So, if a person runs in the gym, works out on machines, swims, or performs other physical activities, he can improve the supply of oxygen to the muscles and help the body form new blood cells. Constant exercise helps get rid of future diseases such as atherosclerosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, etc.

Secondly, sport strengthens the nervous system. The coordination system is improved, new conditioned reflexes are formed, the body adapts to more complex exercises, and wastes the least amount of strength. The brain responds more quickly to nervous processes and starts working faster.

Third, sport can improve the cardiac and vascular systems. Muscles need to be saturated with oxygen, so sport contributes to this better than any other means.

Fourth, sport improve breathing. For example, an hour and a half of exercise allow the cells on a person’s body to become saturated with oxygen, and living in the air improves the vital capacity of the lungs.

Fifth, sport boost the immune system and change the blood composition for the better. White blood cells appear, and there are twice as many blood cells. For this reason, the body resists adverse environmental conditions. Only beneficial bacteria appear in the body, and harmful ones go away. People who do sports get sick less often than others.

Sixth, sport improves the metabolic processes in the body.

Seventh, sport completely changes the attitude towards life. Athletes are always in a good mood.

How does a student find time for sports?

Of course, finding time for something other than study and work can be very difficult in student life. To find an hour for sports, learn how to make a schedule, clearly allocating time for classes, entertainment, and sports. If you can distribute your busyness, understand where you waste time on something unnecessary, cut it down and find time for sports. If you have a lot of unfinished writing assignments, try a paper writing service or ask someone to help you. It will free up a lot of time and energy.

What kind of sports should a student choose?

Gym. The most common option is to go to the gym and work out on your own, but this will not result if you do not understand the technique of exercises. The services of a trainer may not be affordable for everyone, so you can ask an acquaintance of a classmate who knows precisely this to help you. As soon as you understand that you are ready to practice on your own, you can practice without help, but it is better with insurance.

Running. You can run in the yard or the stadium. There is one nuance – bad weather, which can ruin your next run. Large cities hold large marathons in which anyone can participate and even get a diploma or a medal for success.

Often there are sports associations where running enthusiasts gather. Some of them have run professionally and can teach you all the techniques.

Sections. Universities have several major sections that they may accept you into. These can be volleyball, basketball, soccer, swimming, etc. To choose something to your liking. You need to think about whether you already like doing something or have gone to a section before.

How to choose which section to go to as a student?

  • Since childhood, if the student has already been involved in soccer, basketball, athletics, etc., he should continue his studies. After all, he can win first place in competitions against novice and amateur athletes.
  • Choose a sport that suits your constitution and health category. If you know that you are forbidden to perform heavy loads, you should refuse Crossfit and boxing.
  • If you are a team player, choose soccer, volleyball, and basketball.
  • If you’re used to relying only on yourself, it’s better to do boxing and swimming.
  • Athletics is possible if only you have played this sport before. If not, it is better to choose another sport.
  • Consult your general practitioner to find out which sport at your university is best for you.

Thus, choose the most appropriate section for you at university.

Remember that sport now is your extreme investment in your future health and well-being. And no matter how busy you are with your studies – we still recommend making time for this healthy activity!

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