The Best Sources of Sports News and Reviews

Today, information travels at the speed of light. Sports are covered by countless websites, TV channels and radio stations. Where should you get your updates? We have selected five credible sources of news and reviews for the most popular sports.

Billions of people around the world follow news about sports events daily. Unfortunately, finding reliable information is a challenge. Some sources are heavily biased or unprofessional. Like gamblers flocking to ClashOfSlotsNZ for casino reviews, sports fans need their own credible sources. Here are five examples worth considering.


You do not need to watch this cable channel to access its coverage, as it is also available on the official site. ESPN has a reputation for accurate and entertaining information covering a broad spectrum of sports. Here are some of the sections today:

  • MMA,
  • Boxing,
  • College Sports,
  • NCAAM,
  • Tennis,
  • Golf,
  • Cricket,
  • NBA G League.

ESPN is preferred by fans from different countries. Unlike other outlets, where the coverage is superficial, it provides in-depth news and reviews. The company has a solid presence on all popular social media platforms, from Facebook to Snapchat, and its own YouTube channel.

2. Sports Illustrated

The leader in print journalism, Sports illustrated has informed the public for almost seven decades — since 1954. Today, this media outlet is still famous for deep analysis, which is becoming a rarity. The website is rich, with coverage of such topics as:

  • NFL,
  • NBA,
  • NCAAF,
  • MLB,
  • Soccer,
  • Golf,
  • Hockey,
  • Fantasy Sports, and even
  • Gambling!

Without fail, this is one of the best outlets in the sports news industry. Its staff are not afraid to delve into controversial subjects. The annual “Swimsuit Issue” is also a famous gem. Clearly, this is a magazine worth subscribing to!

3. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo may have lost its battle with Google, but its sports department is still alive and popular. Launched in 1997, it is still one of the most visited sports sites in the world. The resource provides instant coverage of sporting events, from soccer and basketball to horse racing. The thematic spectrum is incredible.

In terms of coverage, you will find quick updates and brilliant investigative pieces. For example, Yahoo Sports is famous for its articles on fraud and cheating on both professional and college levels. While the search engine has lost much of its appeal, sports coverage by Yahoo still attracts millions. Visit the site for instant score updates and the most important stories.

4. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report has its unique features, including special team blogs, both professional and collegiate. You can find a blog dedicated to your favourite team, whether it is Detroit Pistons, Oregon State Beavers or LA Galaxy. Avid fans can easily keep track of any stories related to their favourites. The coverage includes:

  • Football,
  • F1,
  • Boxing,
  • MMA,
  • Rugby,
  • NBA,
  • NFL,
  • Golf,
  • Tennis, and more!

The outlet also has a proprietary mobile app. It allows players to ‘stay ahead of the game’, as the ad says. Both iOS and Android are supported. The features include the latest news stories, popular videos, instant notifications, and live scores. Users do not need to open the website to get their news, which is more convenient.

5. CBS Sports

If you prefer TV coverage, you can hardly find a better source than CBS Sports. The channel broadcasts golf, football, and many other sports, with excellent commentary. The coverage of the annual NCAA Tournament is impeccable.

The company’s website is a wonderful source, too. Quick updates from around the world help users monitor the performance of their favourite teams and athletes. The outlet’s coverage of fantasy sports is praised by fans and experts.

Final Words

Today, when we are bombarded with information 24/7, it is difficult to find a reputable source of news. These outlets have gained a reputation for excellence. They cover a broad spectrum of sports and events, with excellent analysis and fast updates.

Do not limit your news consumption to just one source — mix and match credible sites to compare different perspectives. For example, score updates are easier to track on ESPN or Yahoo Sports. In comparison, Sports Illustrated and Bleacher Report are excellent sources of deep analysis and investigative journalism.