The Biggest Divorces in Sports

The number of marriages that end in divorce has been progressively growing at a significant rate. If you’re a well-known celebrity, getting divorced may be a very unpleasant experience. In a similar vein, notable sports figures who were unable to save their marriages are also featured in this category. Their process of divorce may even get harder due to their popularity in the common public, which decreases their privacy significantly. This may be the reason people choose to file divorce papers online. The rate of companies, that provide this service has risen dramatically in recent years.

Today, we will be spilling all the tea about the biggest, loudest, and most expensive divorces in the world of sports. No secret, that sportsmen are, probably, the richest people in the world. After Elon Musk, of course. We can only wonder how much money they are ready to spend to undergo the divorce smoothly and silently. So, we present you with the 10 biggest divorce stories in the world of sport.

1. Shaquille and Shawnee O’Neal

A court in Los Angeles heard the woman’s appeal. O’Neill requested custody of four children born to a professional basketball player, and the judges agreed to grant her the request.

In addition, she requested a ruling on whether or not she would live separately from her husband during the divorce procedures. O’Neill’s wife made no mention of material concerns in her statement.

A year after their wedding, Shaquille O’Neill and Shawnee O’Neill have two children. Additionally, the athlete has two other children from past relationships: a boy and a daughter.

O’Neal is often regarded as one of the NBA’s richest players. Among the richest celebrities in 2008, Forbes magazine includes O’Neal. According to the magazine, the basketball star was paid a total of $ 250 million in pay over the course of his 16-year career. Large advertising contracts and the launching of sportswear bring in additional revenue for Shaquille O’Neal. Exactly how much of the basketball player’s riches his wife will get is still up in the air. After nine years of marriage, the NBA great urged his wife to sign a marriage contract in order to retain his assets. Infidelity documents were presented in court, although the athlete’s claimed net worth of £240 million (approximately $316 million) was not significantly impacted.

2. Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

Mike Tyson was a mid-late 80’s superstar. He is the heavyweight’s youngest champion. And he knew it. In 1987, he was linked to actress Robin Givens. She was 2 years older. After a year of dating, Robin told her partner she was pregnant.

Robin experienced a miscarriage shortly after. Tyson stated he had reservations about the pregnancy claims years after the divorce. Robin and Mike’s relationship began to disintegrate after just a year. Both parties made charges, but the major motivation remained pregnancy.

The boxer believes his beloved’s story concerning the birth of the firstborn was made up. He said his wife was attempting to defraud him. Givens denied it all. But she underlined that she married a boxer for love. The actress said she could support herself.

The lovely man became a monster. He struggled to regulate his emotions, especially his anger. He mocked his wife. Tyson repeatedly savaged Robin. Mike even hit his wife. According to the famed boxer’s wife, he considers this strike his best. Robin would not accept her husband’s violence. She criticized Tyson’s behavior on major TV networks. She called her spouse a lunatic and her marriage misery. Despite her claim that she married Tyson out of intense love, she managed to “shake out” a substantial sum of money from him.

Givens, on the eve of divorce, demanded moral reparation from Mike. The boxer was sentenced to pay her $ 10 million by the court. But, according to Tyson, his wife often stole from him and manipulated his bank account.

3. Floyd Mayweather and Josie Harris

Invincible American boxer Floyd Mayweather values personal freedom. The sportsman has four children from two selected ones but has never married. Josie Harris’ civilian wife had two sons, Koroun and Zion, and a girl, Jira.

They met in 1995. Their romance lasted over 15 years and they were not in a hurry to be married. The couple’s lives turned out to be a mess. To save their marriage, Harris revealed her husband’s violence to Floyd and Josie. The candidate allegedly raised his hand 6 times to her. Following this, Mayweather was charged with a crime and sentenced to a genuine prison time. Josie ultimately dumped the boxer, but he was not happy. He disliked his ex-new girlfriend’s chosen one.

He broke into her residence, threw her down, and began hitting her. Harris’ kid escaped and called the cops, saving his father’s life. The woman spent a lengthy period in hospital after this tragic occurrence. Her severe brain damage and concussion were detected. But the cops detained the famed boxer and charged him. As predicted, Harris voted no. The sudden shift in women’s status is unknown. But the boxer was found guilty and sentenced to six months in jail. July was given 2,500 euros each month for community service. The fighter said he never hit his wife. He stated he was helping her stop using.

Harris died in an automobile in March 2020. An accidental drug overdose killed him. These drugs caused “mixed toxicity” in a 40-year-old woman.

4. Hulk and Linda Hogan

Terry Gene Bollea is Hogan’s real name, and the wrestler and actor separated from his wife of 25 years after 25 years of marriage. As reported by “The Sun,” the actor, 55, and his now-ex-wife, Linda Bollea, have finally reached a settlement on all issues pertaining to their separation and divorce.

When the couple was in Clearwater, Florida, they made the news at a court hearing. The moment Linda Bollea learned of her husband’s duplicity, she immediately filed for divorce from him.

The woman, on the other hand, no longer harbors ill will toward her ex-husband, who was a talented actor. She even allowed Hulk to kiss her on the cheek as he was doing so. “The fight has come to an end. He’s still one of my favorite people to get out with. Among my relatives, he is known as “Father. ” Linda made this observation as she walked out of the courtroom.

While negotiations were ongoing, Linda was awarded around $ 8.8 million in liquid assets, which represented almost 70% of the couple’s total liquid assets. In addition, the lady obtained 40 percent of the property in Hogan’s firms, as well as $2.5 million in property rights in exchange for her services.

5. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

According to sources, the woman who brought the divorce was a performer who didn’t have complete faith in her spouse.

Jennifer Lopez insisted that her ex-husband Alex Rodriguez end their relationship. “She was adamant. The insider noted that Jennifer “couldn’t trust” anyone because of “a lot of unsolved issues.” “Alex, please. At the same time, the publication’s interlocutor declined to comment on persistent media reports concerning Rodriguez’s betrayals.

“It makes no difference if it was an act of treachery or not. She will not put up with the tension created by their shared anxiety”, he stated. Alex had made an offer to Jennifer, but she “was extremely dissatisfied and didn’t think it was in her best interest to continue with Alex,” despite the fact that the couple’s relationship appeared immaculate.

After a few years of focusing on her children and career, the singer has returned to her roots.