The Biggest Football (Soccer) Tournaments in the World

Football is considered the king of sports on the planet, loved by many people in the world because it not only brings viewers many different football leagues together but it is also full of passions and emotions. Currently, the attraction to watching football tournaments around the world is extremely large, every year, fans from all over the world are looking forward to the tournaments organized by the FIFA football federation. Here are the big soccer tournaments held every year and get live Football scores updates online regularly at you should know. Here is also the best soccer store that you must not miss to visit.

World Cup – The biggest soccer tournament on the planet

The World Cup is held every 4 years by the FIFA World Football Federation. This tournament is dedicated to national teams of FIFA member countries with excellent performance and is allowed to compete together from qualifying round to the final round. The FIFA World Cup is one of the most anticipated and popular sporting events on the planet. Many people are betting on the sport or taking advantage of Gamstop-Free football gaming opportunities.

The first tournament was held in 1930, for 2 consecutive years (1942 and 1946) this tournament was not held due to the Second World War. Since then the World Cup soccer World Cup has been conducted steadily. Currently, the FIFA organizers have accepted to increase the number of participating teams from 32 to 48 teams in the 2026 World Cup, this decision has received warm support from fans and countries.

Euro – European Football Championship

A football tournament organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA) every 4 years for European football teams. The founder of this tournament is Mr.Henri Delauney (general secretary of the French Football Federation), but it was not until 1958 after three years of his death that the tournament was conducted. In 1960, the first tournament was held in France, the Soviet Union became the champion. The trophy is named Henri Delauney for everyone to remember he was the creator of the tournament.

Asian Cup

The Asian Football Cup is organized by the Asian Football Federation (AFC) every 4 years. This is considered a leading tournament gathering many large and small teams from many countries to compete. The first Asian Cup took place in 1956 with 4 participating countries and Korea as the champions. From 2019, the Asian Cup has increased the number of participating teams from 16 to 24 teams, and Vietnam is also honored to participate in this tournament.

Copa America – South America’s No. 1 tournament

Copa America is a football championship for the national teams in the South American region organized by the South American Football Federation. This tournament was established in 1916 and is considered one of the oldest football leagues in the world.

Copa America teams do not have to be eliminated like other tournaments, but are kicked straight into the final because there are only 10 member football associations. Since 1993, two other teams have been invited to join the Copa America, most of the Copa America teams belong to the Central American Football Confederation, North America, the Caribbean.

FIFA Club World Cup – World football clubs championship

Previously the world football club championship was called the FIFA Club World Championship, which is a men’s exclusive tournament organized by the World Football Federation (FIFA). 2000 was the first year the tournament was held and then was interrupted until 2005 to take place normally. The format of the FIFA Club World Cup has 7 teams participating in the competition within 2 weeks in the host country, in the form of a knockout.

Cup C1 – European club championship

European Club Championships or also known as UEFA Champions League or often called the Cup C1. This tournament is held annually for European football clubs and is extremely popular with millions of people watching on television.

Cup C1 was born in 1992 to replace the European Cup (1955), this tournament was held in mid-July with 3 preliminary rounds, 1 play-off round. The organizers will select 10 winning teams and 22 qualified teams straight to the group stage. Here 32 teams will continue to be divided into 8 different groups, 4 teams 1 group will play 2 rounds and return. The final winner will be eligible to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup.

Cup C2 – UEFA Europa League

This is a famous football tournament for European clubs with excellent performance in national championships but not attending UEFA Champions League. Cup C2 is organized annually by the European Football Federation. From 2009 to 2010, 48 teams participated in the group stage and the tournament was renamed the UEFA Europa League.

La Liga – Spanish National Championship

La Liga is Spain’s largest football league with the full name of Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, managed by the National Professional Football Federation. In one season, La Liga has 20 teams playing, 3 teams with the lowest achievements in the group will be pushed to the Segunda Division. Since its inception, 62 teams have participated in this tournament.

La Liga is held from August this year until May next year, 20 participating teams will have to go through all 38 rounds, each win will receive 3 points, draw 1 point, lose no points. The 3 teams with the lowest scores in La Liga will be relegated to the Segunda Division, and the two teams with the highest points will be promoted to La Liga.

Premier League – Premier League

The English Premier League is the Premier League, this is the league in the top 1 European football league for English professional clubs. The attractiveness of the Premier League is indisputable, according to the current statistics of the bookmaker there are more than 4.7 billion people in the world watching this tournament in many different forms.

The first Premier League football tournament was held in 1992 with the participation of 47 clubs. However, up to now, only 6 clubs have taken turns to the throne in this tournament: Man City, MU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leicester City, Blackburn Rovers. Most English Premier football news is updated at about talented players, the latest tournament venue time.

German football

The German football league for football clubs in Germany is managed by the Football Association of this country. The highest division of this tournament is the Bundesliga (with 18 participating teams), then the 2nd Bundeslia, then Liga, Regionalliga, Bavarrian.

According to the competition format each season, the team that wins the Bundesliga will be awarded the title of German football champion. The two teams with the worst performance in the group will be relegated and the top two teams of the Bundesliga 2 will be relegated.

The tournaments we share with you above are the biggest soccer leagues on the planet. It is still organized according to the calendar and has received the attention of the world. Which football award do you like the most?