The Evolution of Mobile Sports Betting: Convenience and Accessibility

When an industry grows exponentially over a period of two decades, not only is it no fluke, but many different aspects will have helped to launch it into a thriving international enterprise. Regardless of the business or sector you’re exploring, many variables often come together, providing a solid foundation for the industry to turn into a titan. Mobile sports betting is an excellent example of a branch of a multi-billion industry consistently striving to push profit margins and become successful.

The Fusion Of Markets

Multiple sports betting markets have been able to add in-play games to their service as a result of the mobile sports betting revolution. Not only has it allowed this fascinating, solid market to thrive and become a colossus that can stand on its own, but it has helped to swell the enormous profits possible from the sports betting market as a whole. In addition, some markets have organically grown from the disruptive innovation of the internet, such as the eSports betting market, where you can gamble on the outcome of professional video game tournaments and matches.

Mobile technology has expedited the immense success of the eSports market and the gambling market that underpins it. There are over a dozen fully-fledged and highly rated eSports tournament markets you can bet on, ranging from Call Of Duty, NFL Madden, Dota 2, which is the current most prominent market, and other burgeoning markets looking to knock Dota 2 off its perch, such as Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a game that has made serious inroads and made up a lot of ground on similar competition within the market, such as Call Of Duty. With the exciting announcement of CS2 (Counter Strike 2), gambling markets are already gearing up for what could be the biggest eSports game release of the year. CS2 match betting and tournament markets will help to stimulate interest and could potentially propel the game into the most popular eSports tournament and betting market.

Correlations Between Mobile Phones & Gambling Growth

Mobile phones and the internet are two of the greatest ever human inventions. For many, these inventions rank alongside some of the greatest ever human discoveries, such as electricity, oil, or the motor engine. Often, these sensational developments in civilization act as a catalyst for specific industries to rise to global prominence.

It’s fair to say that over the last twenty years, mobile technology and the gambling sector have helped to rise each other up to the point of global dominance, and although the might of the mobile phone sector currently dwarves the gambling industry, how both have allowed each other to flourish has resulted for nothing but profit for companies involved in both sectors. Although Apple’s astonishing, seemingly never-ending growth is down to a multitude of factors, such as low manufacturing costs, a strong, stable global economy, and a fantastic brand reputation.

However, multi-billion dollar sectors like the mobile sports betting industry help keep phones flying off the shelves and provide even more convenient use cases for these ultra-convenient mini-computers we carry around all day. The overall convenience of smartphones has helped Apple create its dynasty, and it’s also a key reason mobile phone gambling is fast becoming the number one way to gamble.

Convenience Is Key

In any market, the business that can provide the most convenient experience is usually the one that customers flock to. It could take place quickly or over a prolonged period, but convenience always wins out. Mobile sports betting is chiseling out its own portion of the market and is bringing the convenience of sports gambling directly to the palm of your hand.

Soccer is one of the biggest gambling markets in the world. In some countries, it is even more significant than the casino market, despite the enormous amounts people can gamble in such a short time on games like blackjack and roulette. Given that soccer is such a cultural phenomenon on multiple continents, channeling the gambling market through mobile phones is an absolute goldmine for those companies who have been able to crack the code. Due to the fact an estimated 4 billion people own smartphones, finding a prosperous corner of this market is a lucrative offering for the sports betting companies that can navigate it successfully.

It’s the widespread accessibility of smartphones and the convenience of being able to place a sports bet without having to leave your home that has proven to be a massive hit for gamblers. Mobile sports betting companies have been able to utilize more significant profit margins back into the research and development of their service, given that they do not have the same overheads as physical sports betting shops, like electricity and rent costs. Ultimately, consumers, in this case, gamblers, will choose convenience every time.